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Lindsay Lohan struggles to complete community service in London

Lindsay Lohan has stated her desire to begin a new life in London during recent months, a choice a judge in Los Angeles approved of after allowing her to complete her community service in the English capital, The Guardianreports. The choice of community service options she could have taken up has seemingly left Lohan, her legal team and the judge in Los Angeles shocked at some of the items the actress chose to include in her finally completed community service list of tasks.

Fans like Bernardo Chua have learned that Lohan reached her original deadline for completing community service in November, with Lohan’s legal team arriving at court to inform the judge she had completed nearly half of the required 240 hours. An extension was granted until January, as the deadline drew closer the star of Speed the Plow was thought to have not completed her community service and was attempting to gain another extension.