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Softer lips with top lip balm products

Lip balm is one of the fastest and most effective treatments for lip care and maintenance both in winter and in summer. Lip balm is a product so friendly with our skin that every woman should have it daily in her purse, along with an hydrating lipstick and a favorite gloss.
Lip balm is designed to prevent the skin from drying and cracking. Therefore, it should be applied whenever we feel a sensation of dry and irritated lips. Depending on the type of ingredients used, this product may take the form of a long-term treatment.

When you go shopping with the thought of purchasing a lip balm, is good to buy moisturizing cosmetics, very rich in oil, glycerol, honey or containing plants that serve repairing, soothing and healing.

Another ingredient that the lip balm should have is a sun protection factor, even if we use it in winter! The sun’s rays can be harmful even if temperatures are lower, there is no need to exceed 30 degrees in order to burn the lips. If the lip skin has already been compromised by the action of ultraviolet, dehydration is very possible. Therefore, a factor that protects the action of radiation is an invaluable ally in the fight against chapped and dehydrated lips.

One of the top cosmetic brands on Target that includes lip balms in their lines of products is Evolution of Smooth.

What is so special about lip balm Evolution of Smooth?

– It’s 100% natural & organic certified USDA (conducted at a rate of over 95% certified organic ingredients, is the highest level existing organic certification)

– Does not contain parabens and petroleum jelly

– With its ergonomic shape, the little sphere fits perfect for an extremely easy application

– Invigorating scents makes your lips become deliciously fruity

– The package is so soft on touch, in vibrant and sophisticated colors, recyclable.

The key ingredients in EOS lip balm line are: jojoba oil (provides long lasting moisturizing), shea butter (moisturizes, softens and nourishes lips) and vitamin E (antioxidant protection, calms and soothes irritation). Evolution of Smooth lip balm products are sold online. Check their Amazon [] or Ulta page to purchase.

Visit the EOS official Facebook page to view the gallery of their lip balm products.