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Television Likely to Delay Language Development in Children

Television is the most widely accepted and viewed form of media around the world. Gone are the days of reading books and newspapers to get your daily fix of information. Whether or not watching television is good for childrenhas been a highly debated subject.

Researchers believe they may have an answer. A recent study conducted in Korea was used to compare how much time toddlers spent watching television compared to the speed of their language development. What they found was eye opening.

Folks at Anastasia Date have found that children in the study who watched more than two hours of television every day on average were more than three times as likely to fall behind their peers in language development. This doesn’t exactly tell us why watching TV delays language skills but it is important to consider the correlation.

Toddlers are like little sponges for information and habits. This stage in a child’s life may be one of the most influential. Staring at a TV all day may prevent a toddler from interacting in situations like reading or playing that would help them develop their language skills. While watching educational television may be helpful to some degree, too much television will probably just teach your child to be a zombie.