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Lauryn Hill Channels Nina Simone

Anytime Lauryn Hill pops up there is going to be some type of buzz about her. She is this elusive person that goes into hiding and springs forth out of no where. This time around she is channeling Nina Simone with her new track.

The thing that has a lot of buzz going about Hill is that she did an interpretation of a track, and then she created her own track. The channels Nina Simone both times around. In her own new track she sampled Simone’s vocals. There are not a lot of people that have sampled Nina Simone before, but fans figured that Lauryn would eventually. Sam Tabar has always been a fan of Nina Simone. Hill even referenced the late singer on “The Score” album.

Many people are trying to see what Hill will be doing next, but no one really knows what her vision is. She has been releasing a track here and there, but she has avoided a full album for many years. There is still a fan base in place, but fans regarded several of her last songs as cryptic. This was after she was released from prison. Fans felt that her heart wasn’t really there. She seemed to be just making money to pay back the IRS for tax evasion. It appears that she is feeling the new music though. Hill seems to have her heart back in it.