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La La Land in the Oscars

The nominations are out for the Oscars, and the neo-musical La La Land has made history. It has tied “Titanic” and “All About Eve” for most Oscar nominations. This includes the golden four: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director.


It is important to note that La La Land is the only one of these three films to be based entirely on original material. Titanic was drawn, of course, from history, while All About Eve was based on a short story. Originality is not something Hollywood is usually concerned with. Anyone can see this now with the multitudes of film being released based on history, books, or comic book characters.


Before the nominations were even released, La La Land had already made history by making it to the big screen in the first place. The script was riddled with references to the feeling of being inadequate and un-loved due to being too artsy and too nostalgic. Who in their right mind would go to see a movie about jazz, acting for oneself, and doomed incidental romance?


Apparently, the Oscar judges would go to see it, and they loved it. This does not promise success for the film though. Success in the film industry is based on monetary gain, which might mean that La La Land will ultimately end up in the annals of beautiful but forgotten films.


Take your opportunity to go and see it now, because it may be the only original work released from Hollywood for another sixty plus years. Keep your fingers crossed, hopefully it can garner some Oscar wins as well.