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Kong: Skull Island Does “Fine” at the Global Box Office

The box office receipts are in for Kong: Skull Island. The film performed in a decent manner. Ticket sales, however, were not great. Above average would be the best way to sum up the movie’s impact with audiences around the world.


The new King Kong film, a prequel of sorts, was produced by the same company that remade Godzilla to massive success. Legendary Pictures, working with Warner Bros., came up with the brilliant idea of a “MonsterVerse” that would bring back King Kong and set up a remake of King Kong vs. Godzilla.


The trouble here is King Kong is not as hot at the box office as Godzilla.


In the 1930’s, King Kong ruled the box office. The original film was an incredible sight to behold. The film pulled in millions of dollars when a movie ticket could be purchased for ten cents. The sequel, titled Son of Kong, did not do anywhere near as much business. King Kong would live on in remakes, sequels, and Toho giant monster movies.


None ever surpassed the success of the original King Kong. Still, Kong: Skull Island needed to earning around $400 million at the worldwide box office to break even. The film is going to top the $400 million mark, but not by much. There are other sources of revenue such as home video and television that will eventually roll in. Kong: Skull Island is far from a flop. The film will go down as a modest hit. Sadly, the film’s ticket sales reveal King Kong can’t carry a movie on his own anymore.


With King Kong vs. Godzilla on the horizon for 2019, the giant ape won’t have to carry a film by his lonesome. Godzilla has remained a much more bankable pop culture icon thanks to consistent appearances in television programs, video games, cartoons, and, of course, movies. Scores of Godzilla toys on shelves assisted with keeping the radioactive dinosaur popular with kids.


King Kong is still an iconic character in his own right. Kong will continue to be part of the entertainment landscape for years to come. Maybe one day he will show up in Jurassic Park.