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Actor Kelsey Grammer Hopes to Reprise a Popular Film Role

Kelsey Grammer appeared at the New York Comic Con recently. He caused a buzz among fans at the event by indicating he would definitely welcome an invitation to reprise the screen role of Hank McCoy in an X-Men film. In X-Men:The Last Stand(2006) he played the blue Superhero “Beast”, a role he briefly resumed during a cameo appearance in X-Men:Days of Future Past(2014).


The actor appeared on screen in the popular X-Men franchise after enjoying considerable success in a series of comedic television roles. He performed in two hit TV shows during much of the 1980s and 1990s: Cheers! and Frasier.


A memorable character played by Kelsey Grammer on television, Frasier Crane, originally appeared in the Cheers! sitcom. The series ran from 1984 until 1993, and presented plots based around the zany antics of characters frequenting a Boston bar. In Frasier, a spinoff broadcast between 1993 and 2004, Dr. Crane moved back to Seattle to accept a position as a radio talk show host. His character, a professional therapist, offered psychology advice to the public. In his spare time, Dr. Frasier Crane joined his younger brother, Niles, in caring for their recently retired father, a police officer. The brothers hired a live-in maid to assist the household full time.


Now married for the fourth time and residing in New York City with his 35-year old wife, Kayte Walsh, 61-year old Kelsey Grammer anticipates the birth of the couple’s third child (Kelsey Grammar’s seventh)soon. The couple previously celebrated the arrival of their two children, 4-year old Faith Evangeline Elisa and her brother, 2-year old Kelsey Gabriel Elias. Kelsey Grammer also recently became a grandfather for the first time.


Currently, comic book superhero movies inspire a lot of interest on the part of Hollywood. Audiences have flocked to movies and sequels based on popular comic book characters, such as the X-Men. The prospect another film might reprise the Beast character delighted the Comic Con audience in New York!