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Justin Bieber & Kanye West Working Together

We all know that Justin Bieber had a few discrepancies lately but he is finally ready to get back on his feet and work on what really matters, the music. Ivan Ong has learned that he is completely focused on re-shaping his image and reputation for the better. Justin Bieber reported that his new album was finished but after he turned his views around, he realized that his music had no connection to where he is now in life so he completely re-recorded it. He believes that what he writes in music reflects his life so he does not want to give out a bad image anymore. Good for you JB. We are excited for what you have next for us.

This new re-done album will also feature two great artists, Kanye West and Rick Ruben. JB says he is not going to rush this album. He is going to be patient and wait until it is fully finished and everyone is satisfied. Justin tells us that the songs in this new album will be about personal growth and they are very different from his past music. He says that they will display a more adult version of himself. As for Kanye West, Justin mentions that he very much enjoys working with the rapper as he has done in the past. He very much enjoys working with the rapper and explains that Kanye is a very nice, down to earth guy.