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JJ Abrams Is Done With Reboots

JJ Abrams has become known for rebooting franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars. However, he has recently stated that he is done with doing reboots and is looking forward to taking on original projects. JJ Abrams was involved in the Star Trek reboot at a time when the reboot craze was in full effect. However, the reboot trend is beginning to die out. It doesn’t help that many reboots were either were really underwhelming or just financial failures. Given the saturation of remakes and reboots, the industry is ripe for some new ideas. Directors are starting to see the value of projects that have not been done before.


JJ Abrams’s latest release, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was financially successful. However, fans have recently criticized the film as being little more than a retread of A New Hope. Many people speculate that Disney had to start the fans off on what is familiar. Another issue that has come up is that it has basically ignored the extended universe of Star Wars. One thing that could be said for the Star Wars franchise is that it is one of the longest running icons of pop culture. However, many fans have speculated that The Force Awakens was meant to be a reintroduction to the mythos. When George Lucas did the prequels, he did not bother to try to retread the first film as a ‘reintroduction’. He focused more on originality.


Star Wars and Star Trek have not been the only franchises that JJ Abrams was involved in. He also directed Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible III, a movie that was said to revitalize the Mission Impossible franchise. Now, Abrams is getting ready to explore some uncharted territory with some new projects. Perhaps he is going to satisfy audiences with something original.