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Jamie Foxx Casted in Starring Role For Spawn Reboot

The Spawn Reboot is taking a lot of steps forward. The most recent announcement related to the upcoming reboot is that Jamie Foxx has been confirmed for the starring role. Given the direction that Todd Mcfarlane is taking with this film, this might be very faithful to the comic book. Todd has reportedly said that he does not want to make the typical hero film. As a matter of fact, he is hoping to take the horror film approach with Spawn. Therefore, Spawn is going to be treated like the antagonist in his film as opposed to the protagonist. They are also going to back away from the backstory approach.

This is going to be a fresh approach to the comic book movie and comic book films in general. For one thing, comic book films have always started off with the backstory or has gone into the backstory. This film is going to deal with the actions of Spawn from the perspective of other characters. Todd McFarlane is going to put together a supernatural thriller with elements of mystery and horror. Todd has stated that if this film is successful, then there are going to be sequels that go into the backstory.

Jamie Foxx is going to take on the role that was first played by Michael Jai White back in 1997. Todd has stated that Jamie has the range to pull off the role of Al Simmons, the ex-CIA officer who has made a deal with the devil after he was killed.