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IRS Employees Are Feeling The Pressure Of Budget Cuts And Difficult Work Conditions

The IRS has around 84,000 employees, and only 35 percent of them are men. If you work for the IRS, chances are you don’t tell anybody where you work. People don’t like IRS agents, even though, the agency has been trying to play nice the last few years. They have made it a little easier to pay back taxes, and they have been somewhat sympathetic toward people that have experienced financial issues.

But all that doesn’t matter to people that feel they are paying too much in taxes or believe the government is out to get them. In 2010, an irate taxpayer flew a plane into an IRS office in Austin, Texas. The man killed one IRS employee, and he left a note that said, “Take my pound of flesh and sleep well.”

The work conditions and the satisfaction level of employees in IRS offices around the country have reached an all-time low. Congress cut $1.2 billion out of the IRS budget for 2015, and the internal cost cuts necessary to stay within that budget is impacting all IRS employees. The agency lost 11 percent of its employees last year, and there will be 46,000 fewer audits done this year. That sounds like good news for some taxpayers and even estates like the one belonging to Michael Jackson, but it’s lost revenue for the government.