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Scottsdale, AZ, Entrepreneur Jason Hope Predictions for the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based Internet entrepreneur who is using his money, influence, and exceptional understanding of technology to watch the industry and make predictions about the future of technology. Based on his understanding of current technological trends and his commitment to serve his community, Hope has earned a reputation as a skilled futurist. As more devices continue to get connected to the Internet, Hope observes this as a sure indication that the power of the Internet of Things will be a crucial player in the future of our modern society.

Given his experience in business and understanding of technology, Hope’s advice and insights on technology are very helpful to entrepreneurs and business owners who are seeking information on the best possible ways to capitalize on technology in future. He has predicted some major changes that may take place within the next five years that are worth your attention.

Hope’s first prediction is that the Internet of Things (IoT) will look completely different within the next few years. Business people and individuals should note that as unique devices continue to hit the market, the industry is set to take on a complexly different look from what we expect now.

Hope has also predicted that the Internet of Things will produce more value than it does today. Currently, he observes the Internet is simply an interesting technology option for many people. In the next five years, however, most people will realize the real value of this technology far beyond smartphone games and fitness trackers. This smart entrepreneur and futurist holds that businesses will rely solely on the Internet of Things to manage their critical day-to-day operations.

Jason Hope has also predicted that the Internet of Things will create the next major battlefield in this industry. The battlefield for developers today is the creation of apps. But in the next few years, the mindshare of those apps will be the battlefield. Getting consumers to value any new development will be very a daunting task, and this will create a real battleground.

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Additionally, the IoT will change how we drive as well. Hope considers that the IoT will solve the problem of distracted driving. By adding a connected technology in your car, it will be harder for someone to grab your phone. Hope finally considers that the Internet of Things will stop being “things.” This technology will be just part of life and its benefits that surprise people today will cease to be extraordinary.

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