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The Role Of Vladimir Putin Questioned By George Soros

Vladimir Putin has recently been welcomed by world leaders as an ally in the fight against ISIS, but I agree with hedge fund manager George Soros that the Russian President should not be trusted. I recently read an article by George Soros published by Project Syndicate explaining the risk leaders in Europe and the U.S. are taking in accepting Putin as an ally in the fight taking place in Syria. I am in agreement with Soros in his view that Putin is using the weakness of global leaders to push the world in a direction that helps his own country avoid a financial meltdown.
Forbes billionaire George Soros does not believe in Vladimir Putin as a leader looking to a long term strategy, but he feels the Russian President has seized upon a short term goal of destabilizing Europe for his own benefit. Putin has seen the opportunity the bombing in Syria has presented his country in its bid to avoid a financial collapse in Russia. Airstrikes in Syria by Russian bombers have targeted civilians in a way that has driven thousands from the major cities of the country and into European states. Although I agree with Soros that this was not the aim of Putin at the outset of his Syrian bombing campaign it has had this effect.

By driving thousands of refugees out of Syria and into Europe the already floundering economy of the continent has been placed under greater strain. The view of George Soros, which I agree with, is that Russia now sees the collapse of the European Union as imminent and is continuing its bombing campaign in a bid to achieve this event.

Being born in Europe and living in New York gives George Soros a unique perspective on the world, particularly the future of Europe and the U.S. George Soros has built a personal fortune of over $24 billion through the hedge fund he founded after leaving Europe as a refugee at the close of World War II, according to Forbes. A significant donor to the Democrat’s in the U.S. George Soros has been a critic of President Barrack Obama, and pledged his financial support to Hilary Clinton’s Presidential campaign in 2016.

My personal view is that George Soros is correct in his assumption that President Putin is seizing on the weakness of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Obama; the chance to instigate the collapse of the European Union will remove economic sanctions that are already affecting the Russian economy. Without the collapse of the European Union Russia will face a bleak winter in 2017 as the economy is forecast by George Soros to enter a recession.