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Greg Secker, the Self-Made Foreign Exchange Expert.

Greg Secker studied agriculture and food science. While in University, he used to build computers and sell them. This enabled him learn to code old programmes which he did so well. He got a job with Cook Financial Services then later joined Virtual Trading Desk, an online currency trading platform. In this new company, he showcased his coding expertise by converting the traders’ strategies to a computer programme which triggered his interest in the foreign exchange market. His first attempt earned him six times his initial investment.

He established Greg Foundation to give back to the community especially in helping youths to focus and achieve success early in life. The foundation has over time organized various youth forums to teach the youths on entrepreneurship and leadership skills. They have also been able to address many other important aspects of life like the creation of wealth, relationships as well as health. They are currently helping Philippines community that was severely hit by Typhoon Haiyan by building them houses that can stand the typhoon as well as setting them on various success paths.

Greg Secker is an ambassador in the Board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy. He has written books to guide people in succeeding in the forex market. Greg sees himself as a renaissance man because of his numerous involvements his many of his companies, a hedge fund, and a brokerage. Greg Secker is passionate about helping the Philippines people gain confidence and achieve great success.

The renowned businessman owns one of the leading trading companies in Europe. He was a determined man who was set out for success at an early age which saw him become a multimillionaire in his twenties. He is very passionate in enabling more people to become entrepreneurs. Greg has regularly given his expert opinion on the direction of the market in renowned market channels like Bloomberg and CNBC. He is recognized as a great speaker and has been invited severally to speak alongside other famous personalities like Dr. De Martini and Sir Richard Branson. Greg Secker believes anything can be done for as long as you have the will. He also believes that everybody should get knowledge and the skills to enable them make better choices and change their life for the better.