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Exceptional Richard Mishaan Touch


Given how much time most of us spend at home, it is disappointing how most of us live in boring homes and apartments. But, well, this isn’t the same for Richard Mishaan who believes that home is where the heart is and will travel far and wide to ensure that his heart stays happy. His designs are grand, sweeping and gives homes, hospitality and commercial a unique and personal touch.

Richard Mishaan is the head of Richard Mishaan Design, an interior design and architecture firm in New York City. He is an architect, a fashion designer, an author a shop owner and an interior design guru who received a BA from New York University and he attended Columbia University School of Architecture.

He started off his career as an apprentice in the offices of Philip Johnson. He has worked with designers including Silvia Tcherrasi and Ross Klein whom they all share great passion for design. His first design assignment was to design the presidential suite for St. Regis Hotel in New York City. This marked his entry into hotel design which he has done for a variety of brands. Currently, he does much of his work in New York for both private residences and hotels.

Richard Mishaan attributes his success in design from knowledge in fashion architecture and interior design and what better teacher than experience? As a child, Richard Mishaan spent his winter holidays in the enchanted Columbia’s Caribbean coast. He also attributes it to his cultural roots, as he was raised, partly in Italy and in Columbia, surrounded by color which deepened his understanding of luxury and quality. This actually explains his love for color.

His commitment to color is depicted in his colorful homes and also his style of mixing eras and styles in designs also comes out. He has also penned his design story down; “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern” where he beautifully shades light to his love for color other amazing decorating trends.

“Artfully Modern” features lavish spreads and a variety of decoration trends and also sells affordable high quality furniture from his shop. He also expresses his point of view when it comes to design and weaves tips on how to live well in any size dwelling. To add extra sugar to it, it covers his best work from 2009 and includes dozens of spaces of every scale. He uses his book “Modern Luxury” to show ideas behind designing and how they affect people around.

How to describe Richard Mishaan Design? Bright hues and refined furnishings. Richard Mishaan has a sophisticated taste of interior designs which makes him stand out among thousands of awesome interior designers.


Richard Mishaan design has taken pride in timeless and artistic interiors for twenty five years in private homes and apartments, hospitality and commercial clients. He has an eclectic style with an amazing talent for mixing vintage with modern to produce most creative and eagle-eyed work for renowned hotels, retail projects and residential around the world.

Richard Mishaan’s unique designs starts from his homes; from color rich art and sculpture in a park-facing room, vaulted ceiling and original wooden boards that reflects Spanish- colonial influence, art-stuffed apartment to his bright blue-and-white kitchen and a riot of flame stitches stripes and plaids everywhere and his Iconic Fornasetti “eye” wallpaper in the bathroom.

Richard Mishaan’s designs are inspired by everything around him. He visits arts exhibitions and attends international design shows. He also finds his inspiration from movies, theatre and fashion. The exotic places he visits, are also an inspiration to his designs as he gets informed of people’s cultures and customs.

He looks at how people live their lives and he strives to give their lives a context to make their homes the definitive experience. He combs the world to find unique and wonderful pieces for his clients. He skillfully brings together furnishings, pieces and objects from time immemorial, from myriad of periods from Italian Neoclassic, African tribal to Art Deco and much more and fuse them stylishly with contemporary and makes them his signature.

He works to create a convergence between home and hotel experience with his designs. He blurs the line by making his customers to have the feeling of their last fabulous hotel they spent in and also by creating a home away from home at the hotels.

Additionally, he works to create homes and hotels that act as expedient store houses for art and other collection by beautifully blending disparate arts in a way that they coexist naturally and stunningly.

His designs are also inspired by his dreams for the future of hotel designs too. If you ask Richard Mishaan what is new, you will have plenty to hear.He dreams big about interior design and he is currently working on realizing one of the many dreams he has for interior design where he is working on a design concept for a hotel chain that will be a design vision for a bottom up.

He is constantly researching and travelling to understand the dynamics of human beings behavior and trying to satisfy them by integrating furniture and objects into the flow of everyday life.

Having owned a couch for twenty years, which he believes is because it was good (it still looks good as new twenty years later), he feels like buying good things one at a time, makes them last longer. This idea pushed him into re-opening his furniture shop, Homer, in Greenwich Village. His shop sells a wide variety of vintage and contemporary items and also some pieces from his furniture line which are all good quality. And his shops literally vary with seasons. He lightens things up during summer and has more extensive pieces for holidays.

Richard Mishaan’s knowledge on fine art, architecture, traditional and modern furnishings is reflected in the details of his creative processes and his lavish color blending talent presented in dozens of his completed projects.

He creates exuberant, bold and glamorous spaces known for their masterful use of art that are comfortable and something out of this world that is why he will remain on top.