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Doe Deere’s life leading up to her successful cosmetic brand Lime Crime

Beauty guru Doe Deere is changing the game. In a conventional world, she is doing her own thing. The self-proclaimed “Queen of Unicorns” has made a name for herself with her wildly popular cosmetic brand Lime Crime. Here’s her life story in a nutshell. Learn more:

She was born and raised in Russia. Doe had big dreams as a child. Being ambitious and imaginative showed in childhood as she started her own business at the tender age of 13. She sold temporary tattoos to her classmates by convincing them that they were cool. It then caught on like wildfire and she had a lot of fun in the process. She also wanted to be a musician, so that is what she did. At the age of 17 Doe flew from home to the big apple, New York City. It must of been quite a change in scenery. She started a whimsical band called SALT SKY. Through that process she learned a lot about having a career and marketing. The highly successful entrepreneur also met her husband in the band, Mark. They learned to work together harmoniously. They both were songwriters, so they could connect on that level.

Doe Deere spent a good amount of time in New York City, about 14 years. She lived in Brooklyn for 9 years and some time in Manhattan. It was a learning experience and says New York City feels like home. Being a perfect example of persistence, strength, originality, and ambition, Doe has some good advice for young women looking to break into the working work, or entrepreneurship. If you have a unique skill or are naturally good at something follow that. It could turn into a successful career. Doe Deere personally knows what it feels like growing up feeling different and alone. What makes you different can be a huge asset as an adult. For Doe, being different was what made her successful. Her cosmetic line Lime Crime is about pure self expression, without the feel of feeling judged. She was always drawn to bright and unusual colors. Wanting to express herself with those colorful palettes, it was very difficult to find them. Makeup was all about the neutral hues and natural look at the time. Frustrated with the lack of color and variety, Lime Crime was born. After some research she found that other girls wanted more than just the natural look. Ten years later, her business is still thriving and there is no sign of slowing down. Learn more: