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Andrew Rolfe; Ubuntu Fund Is A Charity Like No Other

In running non-governmental institutions that are non-profit, operational challenges an everyday encounter. Most managers of these organizations end up closing shop or even fail to achieve want they had intended attain. Most fund benefactors want to be involved in the every-day happenings at their institutions severely stifling progress. Other donors place restrictions on how their money should be spent even if their ideas do not offer the best solutions to the beneficiaries of the charity. Also, some philanthropies run their budgets on a yearly basis whereas a new set of problems that need solutions arise every day.


It’s against this backdrop that Andrew Rolfe saw an opportunity of conquering the philanthropy world by creating a fund that addresses these challenges. Ubuntu Fund runs independently from its donors. The charity that is the creation of Andrew Rolfe addresses the challenges of organization micro-management by donors, overfunding of non-essentials in organizations and bureaucracies. Ubuntu Fund is modeled in a way that it only accepts donations from individuals who are ready to allow the charity to operate on its own.


The fund subscribes to the ideology that when organizations are left to run on their own without external meddling, the achieve more and have a bigger impact on communities. Andrew Rolfe is the chairman at of the charity, and he consistently holds forums and talks to raise fund for the program.


Under the very able stewardship of Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu Fund has attained several feats. It has designed its operational strategy that enables the fund to develop customized plans for beneficiaries. With premiere operations concentrated within the Port Elizabeth Area in South Africa, Ubuntu Fund has been able to commit a lot of resources towards educational support for disadvantaged children in that region. Ubuntu nurtures these beneficiaries through primary school all the way to college with the objective of guiding them towards social and economic independence.


Also, of interest to Ubuntu Fund are individuals who are living with conditions such as HIV/ADS. The fund provides tailored solutions to persons affected by these diseases. Andrew Rolfe is optimistic that Ubuntu Fund will continue advocating for equal opportunities to all in different communities.