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Indiana Jones and the Movie Universe Nobody Asked For

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull wasn’t exactly well-received. That is the film that spawned the “Nuke the fridge” meme, inspired an episode of South Park about how George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are exploiting their old properties/ It also inspired a public outcry at the very notion of Shia LeBouf taking over the franchise as the lead character.

Mutt Williams and the Greased Lightning? It doesn’t exactly sound like a classic. In fact, the entire concept of Indiana Jones movies set in he 1950’s just doesn’t sit well. Indiana Jones is at his best fighting Nazis. Nobody wants to see Indy whipping hippies in the swinging 60’s.

This is not apparent to the brain trust at Disney. Many are surprised at the news that Disney is planning not just an Indiana Jones sequel, but an entire movie universe.

The shared universe will begin with the fifth Indiana Jones film, set to be helmed by Steven Spielberg. That movie will star Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Many speculate that this film will also feature flashbacks to a younger Indy, as was done in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade featuring a very adept River Phoenix in the role.

Who would fans accept as a new Indiana Jones? At this point, should they even try?

What kind of spinoffs could there be? Is Disney actually thinking of having entire films centered around Short Round and Marion Ravenwood?

Not everything need to be a movie universe. This situation seems motivated more by short-sighted greed more than anything.