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Thor Halvorssen: Changing People’s Lives

Human activist, Thor Halvorssen is an inspiration to people. He works effortlessly at helping improve the lives of the powerless and underprivileged. As the founder of a human rights organization and a leader in helping promote individual rights, Halvorssen is continuing to establish himself as a remarkable individual who has a devotion for others beyond himself.

Looking at some of Thor Halvorssen’s experience in the Human Rights Foundation as well as further examining the events that are associated with this organization, it highlights Halvorssen’s accomplishments. When it comes to Halvorssen’s experience with the Human Rights Foundation, The Huntington Post wrote a piece about Halvorssen’s experience with this organization. The piece mentioned how he founded the New York Human Rights Foundation after his mother was shot during a political protest in 2004. Since its founding, Halvorssen’s experience with this organization has included liberating political activists that have been held prisoner in different countries.

In continuing to build on his Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen has wrote articles that address the oppression of others in various parts of the world. These articles include human rights in a monarch country, celebrity human rights activists, and others. His article also show his political involvement. In one article Halvorssen writes about how Muslim countries are occupied by Russia, showing the oppression with certain groups of people. He also write about Venezuela’s fake democracy that oppresses people.

Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation is built on exposing dictators, having advocacy campaigns, and promoting events that focus on human rights. In regards to the events that the Human Rights Foundation has been associated with, it shows how these conferences or events are about empowering people by hosting a panel discussion, having guests lectures, or having informational sessions. These events include topics about the Oslo Freedom Forum, Hack North Korea, San Francisco Freedom Forum, and U.N. Human Rights Council Member Elections. This information is provided on the Human Rights Foundation website. Overall, what the Human Rights Foundation is able to accomplish and what Thor Halvorssen has been able to accomplish, ultimately shows how he is empowering the lives of individuals.

Thor Halvorssen the Human Rights Advocate.

Thor Halvorssen was born as Thor Leonardo Halvossen Mendoza in 9th March 1976. Thor is a human rights activist and film producer. He has been described by the New York Times as a champion of the underdogs and the powerless. A nationality of Venezuela, Thor Halvossen has made contributions in the areas of public policy, interest advocacy, individual rights and civil liberties.

Thor began human rights campaigns at an early age. As an adolescent in 1989 in London, he organized an opposition to the South African apartheid. When his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela, Thor became fully involved in the advocacy of the due process. In 2004, during a political protest his mother was shot, which made Thor start the New York based Human Rights Foundation. The main purpose of this organization is working toward liberating political prisoners and promoting tolerance and democracy in Latin America. Since the Human Right foundation started its operations, it has managed to secure freedom of seven of conscience, submitted amicus briefs in major international human rights cases, given evidence to Truth commissions, and published two books about the responsibility of the state.

Holvorssen, in 2009 founded a global of human rights advocates known as the Oslo Freedom Forum. The conferences have taken place annually since 2009. The Wired Magazine described it as “if the global human-rights movement were to create its own unified representative body, it would look something like this.” This forum has expanded his human rights’ complain scope which originally zeroed on combating left-wing populist authoritarianism in Latin America and now advocating worldwide change.

During these forums, Holvorssen has shown that he is intensely energetic; a characteristic that can be attributed to his personality and that translates well on TV and in front of the crowd. During the opening of the conference he starts by exhorting the crown to attend every speech and show up on time in each of them. The rest of the time he prefers to stay away from the stages, and instead works on their activities and help them network. His works in human right has put him at forefront of liberating the oppressed around the world.

Lovaganza – Uniting the Global Community through Promoting Quality of Life


What has been described as “The Mother of all Foundations’’ is the vision and dream of founders Genevieve Gagnon and J.F. Gagnon. This is a foundation whose set goal is bringing a Universal Quality of Life for all of Humanity. The founders believe it is possible to realize this through empowering, uniting, and inspiring global organizations and foundations of a similar spirit that embrace similar goals.

The Lovaganza Foundation is extending an invitation to all beginning May to September 2020 to join them on the greatest global celebrations ever seen, simultaneously uniting Europe, America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania with a series of groundbreaking entertainment that are going to be presented in spectacular form.

The Genesis of the Non-Profit Organization

The Lovaganza Foundation was inspired by the projects of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. The Foundation is a unique mixing of extraordinary productions which are designed to simultaneously provoke and generate funds for the Foundation’s campaigns, research, and programs through inspiring documentaries. These worldwide events will generate visibility and opportunities to guide, empower, and fund other organizations and foundations.



Realizing the Foundation’s Milestone #1

Over the upcoming years, the different Lovaganza headquarters on each continent (known as Lovaganza Centers) will be researching and studying the situation of children across all nations globally. This is because it is vital to understand the current situation globally and where we stand of now in terms of the goal. Only then will it be possible to propose a vision that is better of what needs to be realized for the achievement of milestone #1.

Research on the quality of life of children begins this year. By the year 2022, all the goals to be attained by each country will be monitored in all the 8 major word regions by the Lovaganza Foundation centers. By 2025, it is believed that the Foundation will be having the support of all world countries and in place will be an official global treaty.

Between the years 2025 and 2035 all world countries will be working jointly to realize all the set 6 goals ahead of December 31st, 2035. The Foundation believes that when we stand united, it is possible to realize the historic Milestone #1 of the Foundation by 2035: A Universal Quality of Life for EVERY CHILD ON EARTH.

Some of the highlights of past and scheduled activities and events include:

Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy

The Foundation is pleased to make public that THE LOVAGANZA CONVOY trilogy is now going to be shot using the highly advanced Super Panavision anamorphic 2.76 screen ratio. This is the same technology that was employed in shooting such epic movies like Ben-Hur. This is certainly going to be one big step!



Frigiliana gets Movie Boost

Released in September 2015, THE LOVAGANZA CONVOY is the first part of movie trilogy. French directors JF Gagnon and Genevieve assembled a team of 50 persons into the small Spanish town of Frigiliana and 25 extras were selected amongst locals. The film brought the town a touch of nostalgia, evoking memories of by- gone eras as actors wearing period costume strolled down through the traffic-free streets.

According to Maria Jose Caravaca, the Town’s Head of Tourism the production impact was very beneficial to the town. During the filming, the Frigiliana’s coffers got a boost of €33,000 in total.

Cannes Festival Exhibition: Lovaganza Lova World Images

In May 2013, over 300 people turned up in supporting Lovaganza’s Lova World Images during Cannes to admire the photography works of globally acknowledged artists like Kristian Schmidt, Julian Lennon, and Nick Rhodes.

Sales from the exhibition were donated to the Foundation, The Princess Charlene of Monaco LA’s Promise Foundation, and the White Feather Foundation. The Princess Charlene of Monaco was present at the event.

Emmy Award Winner Patrick Sullivan and Oscar Nominee James Murakami Join the Convoy Team

In 2014, two notable professionals in the film industry joined the Lovaganza cause. Known for his Emmy Award winning Set Designer, Patrick M. Sullivan Jr. is an American famed for his classic works Men in Black shot in 1997, Memoirs of a Geisha shot in 2005, Man of Steel, done in 2013, and more recently the 2016 Independent Day: Resurgence.

James J. Murakami is known for Apocalypse Now, shot in 1979, Unforgiven (1992), Groundhog Day, done in 1993, and recently American Sniper shot in 2015. He has won American Oscar nominations for these works.

In due time…

The Lovaganza Foundation is not scheduled to become fully operational prior to finalizing the process of registration, so they are not accepting donations. However, Lovaganza Entertainment continues to produce and the profits will continue supporting organizations and foundations that have objectives that are aligned with the goal of offering every child on our earth a universal quality of life and for all of humanity by the year 2050. Keep your eyes out for the official launch of the Lovaganza Foundation!