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Antique Weapons Historian Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is as diverse a person as you’ll ever meet. A man of many interests, Zomber is a historian, author, antique weapons collector, and documentary filmmaker. Zomber has a true passion for history. He’s collected antique weapons from several areas on the globe. His knowledge really shines through on weapon antiques between the sixteenth and nineteenth century. Something the History Channel took notice of. He has been a guest on the channel on several occasions. In addition to collecting, Zomber also sells antique weapons. A passion that has gotten him into some trouble.

Zomber is also a historical author with four published novels under his belt. He received his master’s degree in English literature while attending the University of California, Los Angeles or UCLA. He has writing credits in the form of screenplays as well.

Zomber, with the help of his wife, founded the film company Renascent Films. In 2003, he was the executive producer on the film Flash. A romance movie about a diverse cast of characters from Los angeles, California.

In 2003, Zomber was also exonerated, after being accused of a crime he didn’t commit. While in prison, Zomber made use of his time. He continued honing his author skills, writing many novels and nonfiction books.

Since Zomber’s false conviction he has gotten closer to his family while rebuilding his image as an antique weapons collector and dealer. You can follow Michael on his Facebook page, or read more about him on his website.