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HGTV Stars Show That Often Pain Hides Behind Smiles – The El Moussa’s Split

The famous television show Flip or Flop has always been a ratings superstar for HGTV. Tarek and Christina were the modern-day Barbie and Ken. However, the world was shocked yesterday when they formally announced that they had been separated since May of this year. They are deciding what to do with their family, but the leaking story seems to continue to unfold.


There was an altercation in May of 2016 that scared Christina enough to call the police to her home. They brought 11 officers and a helicopter to search for Tarek. In the middle of a fight, he apparently ran into the woods with a gun. She feared he would commit suicide, but he stated the gun was for protection from mountain lions and rattlesnakes. Neighbors watched the episode unfold in shock. The fact that no one reported this to the media before now is a little surprising.


The only problem with their split is their beloved television show. Part of the core of this hit show is that they are a family working together. They often have their children in their scenes. Though they plan on continuing their show, which nets them about $10,000 an episode, how long can they keep up the act? They stated that they are committed to co-parenting and making the show work. However, now that Christina has become romantic with someone else, will Tarek be able to remain civil?


It seems like HGTV stars are really getting some bad publicity these days. Hopefully, HGTV can do whatever it can to help with damage control. Otherwise, it could mean the end of a couple of great programs.