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Everly Brothers Documentary Release

For fans of the Everly Brothers, a newly released documentary on Bluray and DVD is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Titled ‘Harmonies from Heaven’, the documentary showcases the rise to fame and top hits of the duo and is full of other musical treats that fans of the group and genre in general can appreciate.

There are interviews with Art Garfunkel, Keith Richards, and Graham Nash, to name a few, in this well-designed documentary that leaves the viewer both entertained and enthralled. The show features the band’s biggest rise to fame in the fifties and sixties, featuring hits they were most known for, including ‘Bye Bye Love’ and ‘Wake Up Little Suzie’.

The documentary follows the charmingly humble beginnings of the careers of both Don and Phil Everly. From their early childhood days performing in their father’s radio show to their creative influence on music later in life, the timeline of the Everly Brothers’ success is thoroughly covered in ‘Harmonies from Heaven’ in an uplifting and engaging way that will leave audiences entertained until the credits.

New interviews with the sole remaining member of the band are found in the documentary, as well as interviews with other famous musical individuals and personal influences of the duo. A great addition to any music lover’s collection of history in the arts, this is a success in production.