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Kevin Smith’s Excitement for Possible Harley Quinn Movie

Kevin Smith Is Excited for a Possible Harley Quinn Spinoff

Suicide Squad was the latest comic book-related flick to come out the DC Extended Universe.

Although the movie has done financially well by breaking box office records and raking in even more money than some earlier films, the critical reception has been less than stellar, enough so that critics have given second thoughts on the studio. For the most part, some portions of the film were well received and praised while others were bashed over and over.

However, of all the people who took something this, it’s superfan Kevin Smith who took note of the fact that the movie announced the arrival of Harley Quinn, one of the most beloved characters in all of DC. For all of the criticism that the film received, there was either some suspicion or a thorough guarantee among audiences that a character such as Harley Quinn could be done properly in film. According to Smith, however, Margot Robbie’s accurate portrayal of the role should go beyond just this film and in fact, could end up in a solo film.

When asked about it, Smith, who was at the premiere of Suicide Squad, and he praised the film on how well it portrayed the individual characters and team overall. It’s also known that he may in fact the biggest fan of Harley Quinn, to the point where he named his own daughter after her. He stated that he was thoroughly excited and in awe to see her in live action film for the first time, after making several appearances in animated television, comic books and video games, but at the same time thought it was only a matter of time before she made her way into film.

He also said that he’d definitely watch a standalone Harley Quinn movie. That comment stemmed from rumors and reports that suggested that Robbie could have a leading role in a future DC film that not only features Harley but several other femme fatales in DC, including Poison Ivy or Catwoman among several others. Robbie herself has said that she was eager to explore much more of her backstory, in spite of the negative reception that Suicide Squad has already received.

Fan Footage Captures Leto and Robbie on Suicide Squad Set

D.C. Comics Entertainment and Warner Bros. Studios are probably not very happy at all that fan footage capturing Harley Quinn and The Joker (Margot Robbie and Jared Leto, respectively) has surfaced on the internet. The recorded footage is in ultra-longshot so we cannot make out any fine details of the characters. The fan who shot the footage was on top of a roof. What we do notice is the mannerisms Leto puts into the character and they are very Joker-like. Also, the white jacket and purple pants the villain wears are right out of The Dark Knight Returns. Leto does not look super-bulky as had been speculated.

Also surfacing is a still video of Leto in Joker makeup with Robbie in her pre-Harley Quinn psychiatrist outfit. Again, executives are probably less than thrilled these unauthorized images are being made available to the public. The still photo doesn’t even look like Leto is in full costume. Was this a rehearsal scene?

Okay, while the executive and producers are probably less than thrilled the footage is leaking, fans are probably more hyped than ever before. Leto does look cool as The Joker and, based on the footage, he may have a bigger role in the film than previously suggested. Reports that he spends the bulk of the film locked up may be inaccurate although the scenes shot here could be from the ending of the movie.

Overall, Suicide Squad looks to be a really fun film and is quite offbeat for superhero movie fare. The squad at along with Brian Torchin feel those elements should make it a hit.