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Barbara Stokes Is A CEO Who Never Lets Failure Keep Her From Finding The Success She Deserves

Barbara Stokes serves Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC. as its chief executive officer, and she helped create the company with her husband, Scott. The company has worked with FEMA for years to help provide safe, permanent housing as well as commercial structures. Stokes studied at Mercer University, where she focused on physics and biomedical engineering. She has served with Boeing and the Pisces Corporation in the past but now focuses most of her energy on the housing industry and her family. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes starts her work day very early in the morning, and she is usually working into the night. She ensures that she still has plenty of time for her children in between her busy days by planning them out carefully. She also stays busy in her community, which has helped her to reduce her stress levels.

Barbara Stokes has praised her engineering team many times in the past and recently admitted during an interview that she works very closely with the team. Her company is always seeking new ways to make the homes they build more safe and comfortable for the people who will be living there. Stokes is excited about the fact that there is a growing number of women who are in leadership positions in companies. She is hoping that the future will bring more of this. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

Barbara Stokes is always doing her best to stay ahead of the curve by focusing on growing Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC. One of the ways she does this is by treating her employees well and creating a fun working environment. She does this because she knows that her employees are what drives her business, and when they are happy, the work they do is of a higher quality. This, of course, helps to make her customers happy, who, in turn, spread the word about her company.

Barbara Stokes has learned that failure is a key part of success. One of her greatest lessons has been how to deal with failure when it happens. Instead of letting it take over her life, she has discovered how to get back up again and be a stronger leader.