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Joseph Bismark A New Kind Of Businessman


I recently read a blog on WordPress Blog Citizen Shame that talked about a fascinating new type of businessman Joseph Bismark. Other company founders would do well to follow in his footsteps. Mr. Bismark isn’t the kind of businessman to sit back and tell others what must be done, he goes out and does it himself. He is currently the director of Ql a company that he co-founded.

Mr. Bismark is not only a sharp businessman who set up one of the best foundations a company could have, but he is also an active advocate for healthier lifestyles. He is firmly involved in the Rhythm Foundation, which is actually a part of Ql. Rhythm is a program that encourages social responsibility.

One of the things I have found most interesting about Joesph Bismark is that he is a follower of Vedism. This religion is thought to date back to the 2nd millennium BCE. Some parts of Hinduism were influenced by Vedism. Through his studies of the religion, he found that the sacrifices he makes the greater his reward. This ideology has heavily influenced many of his good works.

In 2007, Mr. Bismark’s company acquired a business called Down To Earth. They specialize in both organic and natural whole foods. Their mission is to help Hawaiians to live a healthier life through a better diet. Joseph Bismark feels that is vital that all people have the healthiest possible diet, and he is more than willing to do whatever he can to assure that it happens.

Mr. Bismark appears to know what he’s doing and how it needs to be done. He’s a man who is willing not only to sacrifice for the benefit of others but is willing to “get dirty” to see that’s it’s done. I can only hope that other business owners see how effective he is in both companies and as an advocate for others. If they would follow Mr. Bismark’s footsteps, the world would be a kinder and better world for everyone.