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Ghostbusters Was a Lightning Rod

There aren’t too many other movies that have sparked so much attention and debate as the new Ghostbusters film has. There were huge question marks going into the film’s opening, but in the end the film has done quite well.

As soon as the movie was announced as having an all-female cast, a tidal wave of criticism and public hand-wringing spewed from every platform of social media. Some were disappointed because they wanted the old cast to return. Other people, such as James Rolfe aka the Angry Video Game Nerd, made thoughtful videos politely explaining why the upcoming film was a major disappointment. Even though Rolfe offered a very measured, sensible opinion, he was accused by some of “soft sexism.”

Things heated up even more when photos of the cast were released. Their jumpsuits had massive, reflective caution lines on them which look bizarre and do not match up with the suits in the original film at all.

After that came the trailer which, frankly, was not funny and left many thinking that the film would bomb.

The fighting got so intense that execs publicly discussed it. The head of Sony, Tom Rothman, actually used some very explicit language when talking to The Hollywood Reporter about the “sexist comments” aimed at the film.

After all of that rage, trolling, and over-reacting, it turns out that the film is good. It’s funny. It currently has a 73% rating on rotten tomatoes which, while not stellar, it certainly is better than many predicted.

The movie has done well enough that a sequel is looking very likely. In some ways, the cultural storm around the film was more interesting than the movie itself.