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Kabbalah Gets Connected

Considered by many as something deeply mysterious; and by some as maybe even malignant, the misunderstood semitic spiritual practice of Kabbalah is far from some misguided occult. An archaic and austere study for spiritual self-cultivation, Kabbalah teachings align seamlessly with those of other sincere paths to “enlightenment” or “fulfillment. Kabbalah exerts enormous emphasis on eliminating obstructive egotism. Instead of finding oneself, the sacred knowledge urges losing oneself to humility and the pursuit of divine progress.

Percieving these principles as valuable even in today’s world, Phillip and Karen Berg felt obligated to make the wisdom of Kabbalah widely and easily accessible. And from this idea they founded the Kabbalah Centre in 1965. Based in Los Angeles, California, the non profit educational offers online courses and live classes from over 50 centers world wide. The Kabbalah Centre is something revolutionary, and the numerous demographics where Kabbalah Centre has sprouted is extraordinary. This kind of international growth boasts to this spiritual practice’s profound adaptability and relevance in people’s lives.

This opens Kabbalah and its teachings to an unprecedentedly broad potential audience. Even celebrities like Madonna and Lindsay Lohan have been involved with the cause. However, this is controversial among Judaic elders. For centuries, Kabbalah has been guarded out of caution to the dangerous power it offers. This can be traced to its mystical, magical side; the sacred rituals include divine names and invocations, as well seals and talismans. This is a sacred part of the path, but a small and discouraged piece of the whole. The practice mainly consists of spiritual study and understanding, as well as meditation for achieving higher states of consciousness.

Despite the ominous criticisms, the lessons of Kabbalah are a blessing that could and do transform countless lives. The Kabbalah Centre is transforming individual lives by sharing wisdom that can be applied in today’s world. Their teachings help countless seekers further their progress toward fulfillment. Visit the Kabbalah Centre’s website for locations and events.

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