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It Took Persistence for Sweetgreen to Be Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru met his two friends Jonathan and Nicholas at Georgetown University. The three graduated from the university’s school of commerce in 2007.

By this time, the three had spent enough time together to realize that they would make good business partners. Moreover, they had also identified the kind of business they wanted to run: a restaurant. Jonathan, Nicholas, and Nathaniel loved healthy food but most restaurants in Georgetown sold fast foods.

Consequently, the three friends were most times forced to prepare their own food to avoid unhealthy eating. Nathaniel also realized that there must be many people who desired to eat healthy foods. Consequently, they developed a business idea and decided to co-found Sweetgreen.


There was a tavern that lay on M street, and this attracted Nathaniel, Jonathan, and Nicholas as an ideal location. However, the problem was convincing the landlord that they wanted to run a restaurant there. The first day Nathaniel called her, she hung up the phone on him.

However, the three decided to keep pushing and they called her daily for three months despite the fact that she ignored their calls. They just wanted to give it their best since they had no other option. One day, the landlord decided to meet them so that they would stop calling her daily.

They decided to present her their business plan and convince him to rent them the tavern as a business site. After the meeting, she asked them to come up with a detailed business plan and to look for an architect who would develop the tavern into the desired location.

Moreover, she asked them to identify investors who would fund their business. Within three weeks these were achieved and the work began.

Success of the firm

Most of the success at Sweetgreen is associated with the desire to be sustainable. The co-founders want their actions today to live longer than them. They desire to pass the business to other generations so that the values therein can grow. Authenticity is also a secret to Sweetgreen’s success.

Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is a hardworking man who is a child of first generation immigrant parents. His parents are also businessmen in the U.S, and this could explain Nathaniel’s interest in business. He lives in New York City where he does business.

Nathaniel is best known for his role as the co-founder and Co-CEO Of the Sweetgreen chain of restaurants. Nathaniel is also known as an investor in many businesses.