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Greg Secker’s Business Tips

Greg Secker, the founder of Learn to Trade has helped raise the living standards of many people. Mr. Secker’s analogy shows that if one is capable of generating profits, they can also make a difference in their lives. With such kind of belief, CEOCFO Magazine saw it necessary to interview Greg Secker. The aim of the interview was to find more business tips from the English businessman, Greg Secker.

Greg Secker is driven by the ability to remain positive in adverse conditions. In every situation, Greg Secker will always give it a try. Later, he will figure out the details regarding the situation. Greg started an initiative known as Flying Trader initiative. The initiative was operational and made trades as Greg flew over Canary. Greg did this to show the possibility of making money anywhere, in any place and at any time.

Greg Secker studied food science and agriculture in school. In the university, Greg built and sold computers. Greg’s interest in computers provided a platform for him learn how to code. With his focus, Greg became a computer geek. Secker also designed a 3D interactive model of the fluid dynamics of a follicle. Later in Greg’s search for a job, he met a person who was highly interested in computers. The guy helped Greg in an interview where Greg finally found a job. After that, Greg was promoted and continued serving in the currency trading department at the Virtual Trading Desk.

Greg became interested in Forex trading while working at the Virtual Trading Desk. He coded all the functions of the trading strategies. Greg understood how the market works and how the profits were generated. Being motivated intrinsically, Greg borrowed five thousand pounds which he invested in the trade. To Greg’s surprise, he earned sixty thousand pounds in a one year. With his extensive experience in Forex, Greg is recognized as an expert in the industry.

Greg was born on 18 February 1975. He lived in London, England. Greg is also an accomplished author. He has written many books including Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom through Forex. Greg is not only the founder of Learn to Trade but also FX Capital, Capital Index, and Smart Charts Software. In 2010, Greg Secker established a non-profit organization known as The Greg Secker Foundation.