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Key Guide to College Basketball Betting

College basketball is a sport unlike just about any other sport in the world. The fans pack in every game and rock the stadium, willing their young ballers to go out and shock the world. College basketball is where future NBA greats hone their game before getting launched into the big leagues and superstardom. While you might not be able to play college basketball, you can definitely get your thrills by betting on the game. Sports betting isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t a lock for you to win some cash, but we can sure help you find the easiest way to getting a few wins under your belt.

The first rule of college basketball betting is that you must be ready to wage on the underdogs, but only in certain situations. You can first find out the spread and who the biggest underdogs are by heading to a place like to do some of your betting. Find a game that you are interested in and look at the point spread. The point spread will be defined by a + or – number. The bigger the + number the larger the underdog is. So what situations do you want to cater toward the underdog? Well, always bet on the underdog when they are the home team. College sports has a huge swing toward home teams thanks to officiating benefits and just the energy of the stadium. Next up pay attention to highly favored teams and their schedule. If a juggernaut school flies halfway across the country for a road game against a hot, smaller school then you might have something going for you.

The second rule that you must ascribe to is this: stay up to the minute with your updates. Basketball is the only sport where you’ll see line up alterations within the last 60 to 90 seconds before tip off. You don’t want to bet big on college basketball odds that favor their favorite team and then suddenly find out their star player is going to be sitting out with the flu, right? Again, heading to a site like can help keep you abreast of potential issues before they arise. There is a thriving base of users there who can help keep you focused on the next game.

Betting on college sports is a lesson in patience and preparation. Always do the legwork to get your bets in and then be patient until they start to pay off.