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OSI Group and Impossible Foods

Popular meat processing company OSI Group has partnered up with Impossible Foods to create meatless burger patties.

According to a statement released by OSI, the popular meat products manufacturer will be giving access to its facilities to plant-based protein company Impossible Foods. The California-based Impossible Foods will be using this infrastructure to create burger patties to support its Impossible Whopper collaboration with Burger King.

Made out of a plant based protein that still tastes, looks and feels like meat, the Impossible Whopper has been earning praise left, right, and center by food enthusiasts – especially those who are enamored by vegetarian-friendly alternatives for popular fast food.

Launched in over 7,000 Burger King locations all over the U.S., the Impossible Whopper has spiked in popularity. While the company had been expecting such a response, it had not imagined that customers’ requirements for the Impossible Whopper would be this significant.

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But given that Impossible Foods had already been seeing hiked demands for production given its collaboration with restaurants such as White Castle, it had already tapped external resources in order to meet demand before its customers could start getting disappointed.

That’s when the company based its eyes on OSI Group, which has been a long time supplier of meat patties and products to industrial clients, such as McDonald’s.

Based out of Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is one of the largest meat and food processing companies on the planet. It has been supplying McDonald’s with its iconic burger patties since the food chain’s early days.

Since OSI Group is known for its innovation, it seemed to be a great fit for the unconventional brand of Impossible Foods, which will be supporting the company with its process to create its plant based protein patties.

This way, OSI Group will be preparing the Impossible Whopper patties in its Chicago facilities in order to supply them to Burger King.

Both companies are planning to extend this collaboration to other restaurants, but none of them have divulged any further details regarding the logistics of the current process. Seeing that Impossible Foods has already doubled the count of its production, this possibility doesn’t seem to be too far off in the future.

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USHEALTH Advisors Offers Some Nutritious Recipes For Better Health

The two ways to achieve better health are to eat a healthier diet and getting enough exercise. The team at USHEALTH Advisors recently published some ideas on their blog about how to eat better. Their suggestions include incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your diet, not eating fast food or skipping breakfast, and coming up with healthy alternatives to the unhealthy foods people turn to far too often.

The time it takes to make a healthy dinner can be trimmed in a few ways. One way is by using a slow cooker. You throw ingredients into it in the morning and when you get home from work a hot and nutritious dinner will be waiting for you. USHEALTH Advisors put a spicy turkey chili recipe on their blog that is very simple and fast to make using a slow cooker. More Business News at

A lot of people don’t eat breakfast which isn’t a healthy thing to do. Eating breakfast gets your metabolism going for the day so skipping it is counterproductive. People who skip breakfast regularly are more likely to be obese and have cardiovascular disease. When you have time for it, USHEALTH Advisors posted a crustless corn and pepper quiche that tastes great and is nutritious. It also can be refrigerated and reheated quickly the next morning, perfect for a busy Monday morning.

People that cut down on their consumption of meat reduce their risks of having a stroke and developing heart disease or diabetes. It should be used as an accompaniment to a dish and not the main star itself. USHEALTH Advisors wrote that if this sounds too difficult you should try making sandwiches without meat as they can be satiating. Their suggestion is a sandwich that features olive pesto which just includes balsamic vinegar, almonds, lemon, basil, and green olives.

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All You Need to Know About OSI Group

The OSI Group has been in operation since it opened its first branch in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, the company has remained dedicated to its customers and has always strived to offer its customers the best services. Currently, the company has its headquarters in Aurora. Illinois and is also a privately held company. In the United States of America, the industry operates under the name OSI Industries on Apart from the plants found in the cities of Chicago, and West Chicago in Illinois, the OSI group has other outlets in Oakland Iowa, Utah, Riverside California, and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin as well as West Jordan, Utah.

OSI Group specializes in producing private label brands as well as co-packing foods for their customers. The group is believed to be operating over 60 facilities in more than 16 countries across the globe. The facilities are found in North America as well as eastern and western Europe, and the Asia-pacific region. The company’s most notable products include dough products, hot dogs, pork, bacon, and even vegetable products. Not only does the company specialize in branding and packaging but OSI Group also specializes in supplying meat to other western food chains operating in China. The company supplies meat to companies such as Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks and the Papa John’s Pizza. OSI group has been recognized for its good work and has received several awards over the years. The most notable award includes the award for health management and safety risk and that one of environmental protection.

The company has a long history originating from 1909. The company has its roots from a German immigrant by the name Otto KolSchowsky when he established a meat company and grew a reputation for offering the best meat in the area. The company’s breakthrough came when it signed a deal with McDonalds, then a startup company to supply them with quality meat. By then, the company was referred to as the Otto and Sons. Supplying meat for the McDonalds became their main business. In the year 1973, the Otto and Sons opened a separate subsidiary known as the Glen Mark that would oversee the sale of meet outside the McDonalds. OSI Group would supply meat to restaurants and supermarkets within the Chicago area. The company, however, had to change the name in 1975 serving the McDonalds and grew as time went by. This was the fact that McDonalds was also expanding its geographical presence.

In the year 1999, OSI was able to agree with Best Chicago Meat Company to use the brand name GlenMark. However, in 2011, GlenMark Brand was fully bought by Best Chicago Meat. OSI had an annual revenue of $ 3 billion and was listed as the 136th largest American company. The company’s revenue has grown over time. This year, the company was listed as number 58 by Forbes in the list of the largest private companies in the USA. The company had a revenue of $6.1 billion. On August 2016, the company acquired Baho food. This was a private Dutch company that specialized in meat manufacturing and manufacturing of other food products. OSI group continues to grow with each day.

Tyson Food Will No Longer Use the Same Antibiotics Used on Humans

Antibiotics changed human history by offering a simple medication to cure diseases that were once responsible for widespread illness and death. Though, these powerful medications have started to make history for the wrong reasons.

Antibiotics have long been used in the farming industry with alarming quantity. Farm animals are given huge doses of antibiotics in order to promote growth and stop the spread of disease. However, this practice is harmful to animals by stripping them of their quality of life, and the mass amount of antibiotics have also proven to be quite harmful to humans as well.

The overuse of antibiotics on our livestock has begun to generate an unhealthy immunity in our environment, viruses and bacteria have become so used to antibiotics that they have started to become resistant, possibly creating what is commonly referred to as “super-bugs”.

That’s why the king of poultry, the Tyson Food Company, has agreed to stop using massive amounts of antibiotics on the animals they raise for consumption. The CEO of Tyson’s Food, Donnie Smith, announced that beginning in September of 2017 the company will eliminate the use of all antibiotics that are also used as human medicine.

However, Tyson will still use a type of antibiotics referred to as ionospheres that are not used on humans. Bruce Karatz hopes they can stay out of additional trouble, as he will be monitoring on NNDB.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Will No Longer Serve Genetically Engineered Ingredients.

Chipotle Is The First Fast Food Restaurant To Get Rid Of Food That Contains Fillers Stabilizers Preservatives And Artificial Flavors

McDonalds should have kept their interest in Chipotle Mexican Grill. The home of the Big Mac is losing market share to Chipotle, and there’s a good reason. The fast food market is changing, and Chipotle knows what that change means to them. McDonalds is dancing around the real reason their sales are dropping, and Chipotle is addressing the issue head-on.

Consumers want to eat right these days. They don’t want processed food filled with synthetic everything, but McDonalds would rather serve a limited breakfast menu all day than change some of their McNasty ingredients.

Foodies at STX Entertainment know that Chipotle is setting the bar high for other fast food restaurants. The days when fast food meant low-end ingredients, so-so service and a plastic-looking interior are over. Let’s face it. Fast food isn’t as cheap as it used to be, so why not upgrade the food instead of putting all that extra money on the bottom line.

American consumers are being taken advantage of by the retail industry, especially the food segment of that industry. Consumers are rebelling against the mediocracy that exists in our retail food chains, and Chipotle is doing something meaningful to quash that rebellion in their segment of retail.

Kraft Changes Mac & Cheese

Many people throughout the world have enjoyed a hot bowl of cheesy Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese for not only lunch and dinner but also breakfast and as a snack. Now, in the near future, people will be able to enjoy it with fewer non-natural ingredients entering their diet.

On Monday, April 20, Kraft Foods Group Inc. announced it would change how it makes its boxed Kraft Macaroni & Cheese so the product includes more natural ingredients. With many consumers turning every day to diets that highlight the use of natural ingredients, Kraft has decided to remove all synthetic coloring agents and artificial ingredients and preservatives from Kraft Macaroni & Cheese products and replace them with colors from natural ingredients like annatto, paprika and turmeric. It has also decided to swap out other ingredients with natural replacements.

No one is particularly surprised by this announcement, least of all the folks at STX Entertainment. Kraft Foods Group Inc. has been under fire for some time for pushing heavily processed and artificial ingredients on consumers while at the same time falsely calling these products “healthy.”

Although Kraft already made the switch with its Mac & Cheese Boxed Shapes over the last year, the switch for Original Kraft Macaroni & Cheese won’t take place until next year with the United States receiving the new product at the beginning of the year. Kraft Dinner Original will be changed by the end of 2016 for Canadian consumers.

What To Expect When You Visit The Camlin

Ardesia, a trendy new restaurant with a new location in Brooklyn, has the potential to change your mind–and your tastebuds–when it comes to the best ways to prepare classic dishes. One of the stand-out entrees on the menu is the lasagna. At Ardesia, the traditional pasta dish has been braised with bourbon!

Foodies like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG have learned that you can also enjoy entrees that are perfect for a cold day, like braised short ribs served with warm polenta. Desserts include the ice cream sandwich, prepared with ice cream from Oddfellows.

There are over 100 wines to choose from, and you can pair your quality beverage with 15 of the fine cheeses offered at Ardesia, or choose from a selection of four types of oysters.

Ardesia has a neighborhood eatery feel and provides a comfortable atmosphere, while providing a tasty twist on the dishes you came to know and love as a kid.