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The Success Story Behind Waiakea Water

The use of the fully degradable bottle by the Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water will start I the coming this, and this step will see the company bring down the span of the containers they manufacture by almost 98 percent. This bottle can be recycled apart from being degradable. Time past, which is an additional additive that is added on the Nano degradation of plastics, combine the quality of the plastics being recyclable. Brand representatives, however, claim that the lifespan of the bottles reduces from 1500 years to 15 years upon addition of the new additives.

The approach that the scientists took to ensure that the containers can be broken down chemically the intention of production shifted from making stronger and better plastics to making weaker and simpler plastics on the molecular level. During the process of manufacturing the company is mentioned to add chemicals that speed the degradation process in the ground naturally. In addition to this, the carbon dioxide is then converted from the polymers which are the readily degradable. Nevertheless, the creation of these degradable bottles has come with a share of problems. One of the most visible issues that the production of degradable containers came with is the fact that it needed to create bottles that were the same in quality with the former ordinary bottle. Another challenge that seemed significant is the fact that patent extraction from the degradation of plastic had also proved futile according to the C.E.O of the company.

The RPET used in the manufacture of the new bottles also seemed more costly than the regular RPET that was used in the production of the standard containers, this seemed seriously expensive. The company was founded in the year 2012 and is the first Hawaiian volcanic water and triple bottle company. Having been registered the company aimed at the transformation of the industry of CPG to the best people interest line and government. The company has widely been applauded for the immense energy they have put in trying to innovate and will be the first company ever to use degradable bottles with RPET. The company also is the first American company that has got the certification of Carbon Neutral.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Will No Longer Serve Genetically Engineered Ingredients.

Chipotle Is The First Fast Food Restaurant To Get Rid Of Food That Contains Fillers Stabilizers Preservatives And Artificial Flavors

McDonalds should have kept their interest in Chipotle Mexican Grill. The home of the Big Mac is losing market share to Chipotle, and there’s a good reason. The fast food market is changing, and Chipotle knows what that change means to them. McDonalds is dancing around the real reason their sales are dropping, and Chipotle is addressing the issue head-on.

Consumers want to eat right these days. They don’t want processed food filled with synthetic everything, but McDonalds would rather serve a limited breakfast menu all day than change some of their McNasty ingredients.

Foodies at STX Entertainment know that Chipotle is setting the bar high for other fast food restaurants. The days when fast food meant low-end ingredients, so-so service and a plastic-looking interior are over. Let’s face it. Fast food isn’t as cheap as it used to be, so why not upgrade the food instead of putting all that extra money on the bottom line.

American consumers are being taken advantage of by the retail industry, especially the food segment of that industry. Consumers are rebelling against the mediocracy that exists in our retail food chains, and Chipotle is doing something meaningful to quash that rebellion in their segment of retail.

Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery Opening Up New Stand

New Yorkers who love a sweet treat now have a new option for a pleasant dessert. The Mah-Ze-Dahr online bakery will be opening up a new stand in the city of New York at some point in the near future. At present, the bakery’s delightful baked goods are only available in a few select locations around Manhattan. This includes the High Line Hotel, a hotel located adjacent to the High Line, a famous New York City public park that was created from an older elevated New York City train line and has now become a very widely sought after New York City attraction.

Alexei Beltyukov (CnnIreport) has read that the new bakery is expected to open at 28 Greenwich Avenue, a West Village location that will enable the owners to better serve their customers. No details have been released about what kind of baked goods will be sold there. However, the bakery is expected to offer the same kind of desserts that have won them legions of loyal fans in other places. This should include various kinds of donuts made from interested and unexpected flavors. It should also include other kinds of pastries that New Yorkers have come to enjoy from the bakers including moist brownies as well as their highly respected and much praised chocolate loaf cake. The owners are expected to reveal their plans to the public in the near future.

Pizza Hut Set a Sales Record During the Super Bowl

For many people Super Bowl Sunday is all about cheering on their favorite team to win the Big Game. And for just as many others Super Bowl Sunday is all about the food, specifically pizza, specifically Pizza Hut Pizza.

The company recently relaunched their menu and more than doubled their menu recently, and it appears as if the strategy is working for the company. Doug Teferh, spokesperson for the company says, that not only did the company sell over $10 million dollars worth of food in a single day, but the pizza chain beat its previous record before halftime.

Much like Domino’s did several years ago, Pizza Hut added menu items including offering more toppings and different kinds of crust, with a focus on more artisanal style pizzas as opposed to its traditional pan style pizzas.
Pizza lovers like Lee slaughter know that another reason for Pizza Hut’s record breaking sales, is likely because they redesigned their website and created a new app, both of which surely attracted new customers and made it easier for customers to order their pizzas online. Convience is a big part of most Americans decision making process, especially during an event like the super bowl, so it is likely that played a huge part.

Beneful’s Wide Variety of Healthy Foods

When it comes to wet and dry dog food, very few companies offer the same level of quality and variety that Beneful has to offer. Since it’s establishment to the market, back in 2001, Beneful quickly rose to become one of the most popular dog food brands in the world.

One of the reasons why this may have been the case is partially due to their scientific approach that they utilize in their products. Not only do they offer a variety of food that your dog is sure to love, they allocate a portion of their revenues to continuously tweak and enhance the health value of their products such as the integration of essential vitamins and minerals that only serve to prolong the life of dogs that utilzie their products.

Dry Food
One of the products that they offer is dry food. Unlike the typical dry dog food which focuses on flavor, Beneful selections of dry food consists of a variety of nutritious ingredients from meat and vegetables alike. To put things in retrospect, just to give you an idea of how nutritious their dry dog food selections are, some of the ingredients that they include are: chicken, soybean, sugar, calcium, zinc, dried beans, dried carrots and rice flour.

Many dog owners can attest to the fact that their dog’s dental health is one of their greatest concerns. As far as snacks go, besides offering over 7 different selections, each that come with a unique flavor such as cheese, beef, chicken, peanut butter and bacon, they also have a variety of snacks that consist of ingredients such as calcium that help to maintain the strength of your dog’s teeth and bones. They also include a variety of natural ingredients that help to reduce plaque and tartar as well as freshening their breaths.

Wet Food
Many people have proclaimed that Benenful sets the standard of what delicious wet dry dog food should be like. Back in 2012, the company even amped up its effort of delivering a superior product and made their wet dog food selections more human-like. Meaning, unlike other companies that typically use the worst part of an animal and offer it as a mushy, mulched product, their dog foods contain only the most nutritious parts of the meat in question. Simply said, if you put their wet food next to a typical wet dog food, one will seem edible and the latter will look repulsive. As far as the contents of their wet food offerings go, Beneful offers a wide array of different selections such as chicken, turkey, lamb, beef stew and salmon.




The Antique Wine Company Offers Unique Wines for Every Wine Connoisseur

The Antique Wine Company has worked hard to establish a great reputation around the world for its fine spirits and wines. This luxury wine company was founded more than a quarter of a century ago, and it is headquartered in central London with sales locations in Asia. Today, this company is famous for supplying fine wines to restaurants, private individuals and luxury hotels. Learn more about The Antique Wine Company (AWC) and its founder Stephen Williams.

The Antique Wine Company

This company excels in everything they do, and they offer many of the very best contemporary vintages available in addition to antique vintages. Over the years, AWC has become experts in the wine field, and they are internationally recognized for their fine wines, which delight wine connoisseurs worldwide.

AWC frequently provides expert advice to their customers, and they support the needs of wine patrons in private residences, luxury hotels and palaces around the world.

In 2011, The Antique Wine Company launched AWC Wine Academy. This UK venue provides education about fine wines, offers masterclasses and holds popular corporate events around fine wines, which are conducted by leading authorities on wine.

The wine academy brings people and wines together. The facility is modern and stylish, and it has tables designed for wine tasting, Riedel glassware, and it comes with designer light boxes.

Stephen Williams

At a young age of just 14 years old, Stephen worked at a Do It Yourself store, and he then progressed into the insurance field. However, something just wasn’t right for him. There was no enjoyment or satisfaction.

So, he began to look towards another career. Of course, he had to find a way to make his living and support himself financially, but he wanted to make people happy. Stephen had always been interested in fine wines, and he thought selling wines might just be what he had been looking for.

He began testing out the waters by holding wine tasting gatherings in people’s private homes. After some success, it was obvious to him that he had found his niche.

Stephen Williams founded The Antique Wine Company in 1989. Today, he runs the company and is the CEO. He has a staff of 15 exceptional employees, and the company is expected to earn more than 20 million Euros this year.