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“Finding Dory” is Still the Hottest Name in Movies

Everyone is talking about “Finding Dory,” and there’s good reason for it.

The movie, which is out now in theaters, builds wonderfully on the characters people have grown to love i the many years since “Finding Nemo” was first released. Though many sequels have a tendency to fall short of the original movie, that is not the case here. This movie feels different than the original, even though the premise is largely the same. I don’t know what it is.

Perhaps it’s because of how lovable Dory is, and how wonderfully Ellen DeGeneres plays the part. Perhaps it’s all of Dory’s new friends we meet or all of her old friends who have grown up since the first movie and show up to help her find her parents. Perhaps it’s the fact that somehow, two clownfish decide to travel across the Pacific Ocean just to help Dory find something she doesn’t even always know she’s looking for.

Whatever it is, this movie works. I loved seeing it. It’s such a powerful experience when a movie makes you feel genuine sadness or happiness, and “Finding Dory” is constantly supplying those experiences for its viewers. This is one of the better sequels to children’s movies we have seen, and another in a long line of stellar Pixar films.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It comes highly recommended.