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How Highland Capital Management Supports The Dallas Community

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas, Texas, firm which specializes in alternative assets. It was founded by two entrepreneurs in the industry, James Dondero and Mark Okada. Together they have built a firm that is international in scope with around $14 billion in assets under management.

One of the assets that Highland Capital Management pioneered was that of collateralized loan obligations(CLO). They were the very first firm besides a bank to launch a CLO, which took place in 1996. They are now one of the biggest managers of these assets on the planet, having transacted more than $30 billion ClO’s in the intervening years. Read this article at

In 2000 the company expanded to include investing in distressed assets. In that same year, they also launched two bank loan separate accounts. Their clients for this asset are large public pension plans in North America, including both America and Canada. Beyond North America they also have clients and offices in other nations such as Brazil, China, and Singapore.

At Highland Capital their strategic approach involves research and top-down risk management. Their portfolio managers and chief investment officers maintain two-way dialog that is engaged in on a frequent basis. Their analyst’s spot mispricing in financial markets which portfolio managers then use to invest their money in. It’s through the constant exchange of information that Highland Capital is able to have its funds meet their financial goals. Visit to know more.

The leadership of Highland Capital Management thinks it is important that the company supports the community in which it operates. Due to this, they have provided money to a large number of Dallas-based nonprofits. Among these are the Dallas Zoo, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, The Family Place, and Capital for Kids among others. They also support national charities such as the American Heart Association.

As the company’s annual philanthropic budget exceeds $3 million, in 2017 they formed a partnership with The Dallas Foundation. This partnership means that the money they provide can be used in its most effective and impactful way. In order to manage this partnership, they brought in Linda Owen who has vast experience as having once been the CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation.


Equities First Holdings Has Made Their Mark In Europe

Equities First Holdings is a very good place for people to come if they want a loan, and they also need to remember that they can come there with no justification for their loans. The company only wants to know how much people need so that they can come up with something that will serve everyone.It is a lot easier for people to get a loan that will be the actual right amount of money, and they are helping many European customers because they want to have as much expanse as possible.This company knows how to work with diverse groups of people, and they will be sure that the people who are getting their loans get payment terms that will be much better for them. They will have a lot more stability because of this, and they will help their clients walk away with their cash very fast.


Aloha Construction Builds Buildings and People

Home renovation and construction companies are common all over the country. One of the biggest challenges for consumers is figuring out which companies stand above the rest to give them honest, quality results at a good value. Serving Illinois and southern Wisconsin, Aloha Construction Inc. seeks to provide consistently top-notch service and results, while at the same time working hard to give back to the communities they are a part of. These dual commitments have resulted in impressive and praiseworthy achievements that can help assure you of their commitment to being the best company for your needs.

Professionally, the company has been trusted with over 18,000 projects in their service area. While many companies these days choose to specialize in only one, or perhaps two fields, this company excels in roofing, gutters, siding and window replacement, meaning that you can trust the entire exterior of your home to them. They specialize in repairing the damage caused by storms, inspecting the structure underneath of whatever component they are replacing to ensure it remains solid, so you enjoy maintenance-free results for years and read full article.

Philanthropically, they work through their charitable arm, the Dave Farbaky Foundation, to provide meaningful contributions to the communities they servce. One event they have organized is a shopping spree for children from low-income families. Partnering with Learning Express Toys, four children are selected to receive a 60-second shopping spree at the Learning Express Toy Store, entirely funded by the Dave Farbaky Foundation. While a few toys might seem like a small thing to some people, to the children whose families can’t afford to provide them with the things they want, it’s a major event which is deeply appreciated.

Dave Farbaky, also the President and CEO of the company, in addition to having its charitable foundation named for him, has stated that it, “had taken time and effort to put him in such a position where he can offer children with an opportunity to feel cared for.” And their Linkedin, As the leader of this great company, Dave’s humility, caring, and concern flow to the values of each employee, ensuring that when they arrive at your home, you’ll be in the best of hands.

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A Review Of The Activities And Services Offered By The Midas Legacy

Those looking to lead successful lives are presented with a great opportunity that is brought by The Midas Legacy, a research and consultancy firm that is helping individuals to live better lives and achieve the success they desire in their lives. The company’s offices are based in Florida and its main clients include individuals who are approaching retirement and entrepreneurs interested in coming up with plans to make the best of their decisions.

The main goal of The Midas Legacy is to support its members so they can fulfill their dreams in time. In this mission, they have a program that offers financial support to their members and who prove they have the potential of changing the lives of people through investments in real estate, entrepreneurship and overall health.

Expert support
The Midas Legacy works with renowned experts in various fields to implement its role in the market and to effectively pass a message to their clients. One of the experts they have partnered with is Sean Bower, a principal editor, Mark Edwards, a natural cures expert and Jim Samson, a successful entrepreneur. Jim has also sold many copies of his books and his real estate experience is exceptional and a great addition to the company.

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He works together with two other experts, who review the money markets to offer financial advice to those looking to invest. Sean Bower, who has been cited internationally, is also a renowned financial analyst with a strong foundation on the financial markets and the insurance sector. He also offers advice regarding retirement and financial management that is aimed at safeguarding property.

Research services
For anyone looking to achieve success, The Midas Legacy offers research services to help individuals understand their financial status better and make focused decisions that can enhance their position in future. They work with investors who are looking for better ways to manage their money and inspire growth in their businesses. Most importantly, The Midas Legacy offers a collection of books that offer tips and professional advice shared by prolific authors on financial matters.

Additionally, The Midas Legacy takes part in the continuation of the resolve by many charities to offer support to the needy. The Midas Legacy has been identified as a Gold Business Member of the Florida Sheriffs Association. They also donate to the Give Hope Foundation, which is working with Central Florida families to empower them in the fight against cancer.

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