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Capital Group: A Collective Group Of Professional Associates

Armour is the chairman of Capital Group Companies and also holds a management role for of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. Tim Armour gained 32 years of experience with Capital Group in the investment field. He originally began his career at Capital in the Associates program and prior to that, acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics from a college based in Los Angeles called Middlebury College.

Tailored For Success

Since 1983, Timothy Armour has been able to gain experience in finance and investment. During his time with Capital Group, he was able to gradually climb the ladder until he finally held the position of an Equity Investment Analyst.

Timothy Armour will be working with some of the top members in the committee. Not only will he be working with Robert Lovelace and Phil Toledo, but he will also be overseeing the daily operations of the organization.

A Successful Change In Leadership

The change in their leadership will reflect the business future for years to come and was placed in a succession plan a few years ago. When Armour was appointed Chairman, it gave him the opportunity to continue the legacy of James Rothenberg, their former chairman.

Since Armour took his rightful place as chairman, he has pushed the company to their limits. Janet Young, an investment analyst, feels that because of Tim, the business was able to hit a peak of 1.4 trillion in assets. She stated that Capital Group is a role model in the culture of investment, and congratulates the business for promoting brilliant portfolio managers like Armour. His work ethics can’t be matched in his field. He has the experience, strive and dedication that every business would want to have.

Capital Group’s Mission Statement

However, Capital Group is known for their strength in collective talents. The business does not hold their success to only one individual, but to all of their associates. Each individual who works there stands firmly behind their mission. Their mission is to deliver the best long term investment solutions to their clients and investors. With a committee of over seven thousand associates, their clients can only expect for them to continue a 84 – year legacy of superior achievements.


Dallas Bank Teams Up With Charities To Launch Affordable Housing

Thanks to Dallas Neighborhood Homes and the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, low-income people in Dallas, TX, might be able to finally afford their own homes. For the next five years, both of these charitable organizations will support the Affordable Housing Loan Program. Every year, over 100 families will be chosen to receive financial assistance for the purchase of homes in one of the biggest cities in the Lone Star State.


As one of the leading financial institutions in Dallas, NexBank is excited to help Dallas Neighborhood Homes and the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. This bank plans to set aside a maximum of $50 million for the Affordable Housing Loan Program that has been launched by these nonprofit groups. It’s worth noting that both organizations actually have their own divisions that offer mortgages and other financial services to consumers. Therefore, NexBank is simply going to provide the funding that’s needed to support the affordable housing solutions that are offered by these organizations. Additionally, NexBank plans to cut some of the closing costs that come with the purchase of a home. Every eligible family can expect to get up to $2,000 to cover the title and other legal documentation that must be executed during the purchase of residential real estate.

Dallas has one of the lowest rates of home ownership in Texas. A lot of the city’s low-income residents will finally be able to afford their own homes thanks to NexBank and its partners.

NexBank has a rich heritage in banking that dates back to the 1920s. This bank has been proudly serving multiple generations of Dallas residents. NexBank has always taken pride in providing affordable financial services and products on a regional scale. In addition to offering mortgages and checking accounts, NexBank provides a variety of corporate-oriented solutions such as investment banking and capital management.

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