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James River Capital

James River Capital was established in 1986 and served as alternative investment department of Kidder, Peabody & Co. In 1995 it became an independent investment firm after Paul Saunders, and Kevin Brandt acquired the business from Kidder. James River is licensed as an Investment Advisor with the SCE, Commodity Trading, and Pool Operator with the CFTC. According to statistics James River had over $570 million under management in James River products, as of July 1, 2018.

Recently James River released a blog on three things to do to improve leadership qualities. According to River, a leader is both an art and science as great skills of development are required to lead and effectively manage a team. For one to be a great leader, there are simple changes you can adapt to your leadership approach which can make a big difference. Many companies have conducted extensive studies, and they have discovered three simple changes that can improve leadership skills.

1.Support your team rather than Leading them

A good leader who is dedicated to supporting, and willing to see his squad succeeding should utilize this strategy. It begins with making a critical mentality shift not to lead but instead help your team. Such Small changes sometimes make the most significant impact. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn

2.Promote and Encourage Close Communication

Fact shows that about 85 percent of employees withhold critical information to their employers. With poor communication, there will be no room for innovation, collaboration, and engagement. Openness and transparent communication are vital for the success of any business. Google through research discovered psychological concept, which ensures there are close links between employees and their bosses. This close link makes people feel safe when presenting to you their problems, challenges, and improvement. Methods of creating psychological safety in your firm are through encouraging and making sure every worker gets a chance to speak during meetings. Learn more:

  1. Listen and Accept Everyone`s Opinion

During team meetings, it’s essential to recognize and appreciate participating members. An appropriate strategy should be laid down to ensure every member of the conference gets a chance to a speak out their view. This can be achieved through recording members in attendance and also placing checkmarks next to person names when they speak. Following that procedure, you will realize the quitter members and ask them for their input. Following the above will enhance mutual understanding of workers to their boss. 


Debt reduction with Infinity Group Australia

In the Australian Loan Market, there is an outcry from the people. Majority of Australians who have loans are living a miserable life because of the debts. They have been reduced to paycheck to paycheck kind of life. Such people are only able to make minimum loan repayments. Once they receive the paycheck, they distribute the remaining finances to other needs, leaving nothing to cater for the excessive debts. This kind of lifestyle is depressing, and it is tough to live an enjoyable life. In case you are in need of financial assistance to handle your debts, then there is a company that can bring you closer to the things you have always wanted.




Infinity Group Australia is a company established to help Australians to deal with the most challenging cases of debts. The company was created in 2013 and has risen into one of the best companies in the region in a matter of five years. This company has an excellent reputation so far, and the founder is even an accomplished financial expert. Graeme Holm is the founder of Infinity Group Australia. He created this company after leaving a job in the banking sector where he had worked for 17 years. She felt that it was time to make the right choice of helping the majority of the Australians suffering from excessive debts. As an insider in the banking operations, he knows that the banks do not mean well for the clients. Banks want the customer to take the longest time to deliver on their promises, but such as decision is not made for the best interest of the customer. The bank will benefit, but the customer will fail. Learn more:




Infinity Group Australia is recording significant growth rate in recent years. The company has a 100 percent success rate with all the clients so far. The average saving per clients in this company is $41,000. Infinity Group Australia reviews have shown the people that it’s possible to save more even when they think it is no possible. The fact that you are using your paycheck to the last coin does not mean there is no room for improvement.




Most people spend a lot of money on things that they do not need. If such things can be avoided, the saving rate can go up significantly. It is possible to get out of debt by putting in place a better resources management plan.



As Acting CFO Of Willis Tower Watson, Michael Burwell Has An Impressive Financial Background And Essential Executive Leadership Skills That Were Honed In Past Roles At PwC

Michael Burwell is the current Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Willis Tower Watson. By adopting a new challenge and a new corporate environment, Burwell has taken on the task to accomplish new projects and hit new milestones while working at Willis Tower Watson. Michael Burwell has a broad swath of experience at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)as an executive level in a high-profile environment.


Burwell is a prior executive at PwC. PwC is a company that is known for being the largest for consulting service, worldwide. Michael Burwell has had over 30 years’ experience at PwC. Burwell provided some vital leadership in many roles at PwC. Some of these roles that Burwell accepted while at PwC included being the Head of Transaction Services, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Global Transformation, and Chief Financial Officer for U.S. side of operations at PwC.


Michael Burwell has a decade of experience in auditing and Transaction Services advisory. And this includes Burwell’s expertise in the due diligence and also the pre-merger valuation milieu. Burwell was also responsible for areas of the Automotive industry.


Regarding Michael Burwell’s new role at Willis Tower Watson, Burwell replaced former CFO, Roger Millay, in 2017. Mr. Millay retired in October of 2017. In January 2016, Willis Tower Watson was created. Willis Tower Watson is an international company whose business focus is on risk management, solutions, insurance brokerage, and advisory. Willis Tower Watson is headquartered in London.


Based on a merger of Willis Group Holdings and Arlington, Virginia headquartered, Tower Watson & Co., Willis Tower Watson was formed. John Haley is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Willis Tower Watson. Haley remarked about Mr. Burwell’s role as CFO at Willis Tower Watson that he is enthusiastic to have Mr. Burwell as part of the company’s leadership team and at a significant milestone in the history of Willis Tower Watson. Haley was also noted as stating about Burwell’s new role is that Burwell is versed-in managing and being goal driven. See This Page for additional information.


Michael Burwell received his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State in accounting. Moreover, Mr. Burwell is also a CPA. These educational credentials have helped Mr. Burwell succeed in the of business and finance.


Concerning philanthropic works, Burwell is involved in many charitable causes like being a board member of a Rehabilitation Center in Michigan. He also worked with his alma mater on an endowment for the Eli Broad College of Business while at PwC.