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Morgan Makes A Move to Fear the Walking Dead

The big announcement has finally arrived. Fans of The Walking Dead just learned that the enigmatic Morgan gets the nod to appear in the prequel series Fear the Walking Dead. Morgan definitely remains an interesting character. The one-time pacifist has taken a turn to his original, hyper-violent edge. With an appearance on Fear the Walking Dead, fans may gain a glimpse into the character’s state of mind before his eventual journey of the self in the flagship series.

Fear the Walking Dead could benefit from audience curiosity about how great of a role Morgan plays in the series. Even if he serves in a likely minor capacity with a brief cameo, the interactions between Morgan and Fear the Walking Dead’s cast should be interesting.

The settings of the two series both feature zombies, but the overall tone and backdrop are both different. Unfortunately, Fear the Walking Dead has not connected with audiences to the same degree of The Walking Dead. The ratings on Fear remain far lower. Sad to say, the ratings decline on the original series has been raising eyebrows. The current “All Out War” storyline appears to be a bomb. The drastic decrease in audience numbers cannot be spun any other way.

Shaking things up by introducing the concept of a crossover between the two programs could build up ratings somewhat. A massive increase in ratings won’t be likely, but anything capable of garnering a special buzz should prove helpful. Fear the Walking Dead surely needs more ratings assistance than The Walking Dead.

While neither Fear the Walking Dead nor The Walking Dead’s ratings are dangerously close to cancellation, AMC surely has to be concerned about losing more viewers. Fear the Walking Dead doesn’t draw anywhere near the same numbers as The Walking Dead. An appearance by Morgan could lead to a segment of Walking Dead fans to become regulars of the spinoff series.