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The secrets to taking a startup to the next level from consultant Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a consultant from Australia who advises businesses and entrepreneurs about what it takes to be successful along with ways to get to the top in the business world. What makes the individual a credible consultant is that he is able to identify the problems with businesses and offer advice to them through his years of experience as a businessman.

Luke Lazarus attended and graduated from the Melbourne Business School, where he is from. He earned an MBA at only 24 years old and even built four different businesses and sold them for high margins at about 33. One of the aspects of Lazarus’s advice is getting the story right and making it synonymous with the product.

He also makes sure to analyze what is working and what is not to cut off any financial losses, so, the company is in good stature. According to the article from Doug Sandler’s blog, a majority of new businesses fail within the first 5 years.

That is why it can be so imperative to have a good consultant to steer the startup in the right direction and be able to sell it for a fortune. Successful entrepreneurs have been able to start businesses and sell them for a lot of money if they are marketed right and put in the work. These kinds of entrepreneurs are named serial entrepreneurs.

Luke Lazarus is an entrepreneur who grew tired of selling businesses and decided to become a consultant, offering his wisdom and knowledge to other aspiring businessmen. In fact, Luke Lazarus showed promise at a young age of just 8 when he started his own business and excelled academically. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler   and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

He also had a talent for playing sports, but, pursued business. Although Lazarus got many offers from ivy league schools and other critically acclaimed colleges, he chose to stay close to home and attended the business school located in Melbourne. After being successful in business, he decided to drop what he was doing and advise others.

He had figured that his life would be more fulfilling as a consultant at that point in his life and brought his strict and aggressive approach to it all. One thing that the consultant notes about himself is that he is brutally honest with himself but to others as well. He describes that there is a big difference between talent and skill as he has seen talented entrepreneurs who lack the skills needed to be known in the business industry.

One of his methods is acquiring funds from angel investors and venture capitalists. He believes it is a necessity that a business is financially sound and locked in for the future.

Lazarus has done videos for college students about how to be successful in the business world. The consultant can not stress enough about being attractive to venture capitalists and investors to make it to the top.

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