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What Betsy DeVos Did Prior To Becoming President Trump’s Education Secretary

If you followed the 2016 election and saw the cabinet appointments in the months following, you may have noticed the fierce battle that ensued to get Betsy DeVos nominated for US Secretary of Education. But often overlooked is just how much work DeVos did in the years prior to this election and why many educators can thank her and the non-profit groups she’s a part of. She sat down once with Philanthropy Roundtable several years ago to explain why she supports school of choice.DeVos explained that she first got into her efforts to fund private K-12 schools and start scholarships because as a parent of several children, she saw how tough it was for other families to afford the same privileges on lower paychecks. That’s when she and her husband Dick got the idea to start the Education Freedom Fund followed by Kids Hope USA and Children First. She talked about a setback they had when they tried to introduce a tax credit and voucher program in the state’s constitution for the year 2000, but it was this setback that led to a new endeavor that included increasing charter school availability, and many of the DeVos’s friends started seeing a national movement.

So just how long has Betsy DeVos been involved in grassroots conservative activism that she also mentions in the interview? She grew up in a strong business-minded family, the daughter of Edgar Prince who founded Prince Corporation, one of Michigan’s most famous manufacturing companies. Her political activities started while she was attending Calvin College where she has also served as a trustee after graduating. Her interests in fighting for important social reforms and economic freedoms attracted another young man to her who was a businessman and activist. That man was Dick DeVos Jr., son of Amway Founder and major Republican donor Richard DeVos Sr.Together, Dick and Betsy DeVos founded The Windquest Group, a highly profitable investment firm from which they’ve been able to fund the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, the key parent foundation to their scholarship and other charity works.

Betsy DeVos also took a lead role in the Michigan Republican Party in 1996 when she won election to the position as Chairwoman. In the year 2000 she stepped down because she felt she could only be a follower and not a leader in this position, but in the year 2003 she once again returned feeling that this time she could do more. While Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm held office, it was said that Betsy DeVos was “her worst nightmare” due to the strong measures DeVos used to combat her policies. The then President-elect Trump’s nomination of DeVos to Education Secretary in 2016 was highly surprising because DeVos had been outspoken against the man she said didn’t represent the Republican Party, but after receiving the nomination said that it would be her “honor” to accept the position.

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The Mystic Hollywood

You wouldn’t think it but one of the growing trends among Hollywood elites is the study of an ancient Jewish mysticism called Kabbalah. The most important figure in Hollywood leading this charge is Madonna. She has opened up numerous Kabbalah centres and has exposed other celebrities to Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah centre in Los Angeles is home to many people including celebrities struggling with various difficulties in life. Paris Hilton, after her breakup with Nick Carter, admitted that the Kabbalah Centre has helped her cope with her split. This Jewish mysticism is based on the Zohar, the fundamental text studied in the Kabbalah centre. It has a very treasured and holy place in the jewish religion. The Centre was opened up originally in Jerusalem in 1922 by Rabbi YehudahAshlag. Rabbi Yehudah is most famous for his translation and commentary on the Kabbalah and Zohar from Aramaic to Hebrew.

The Kabbalah Centre has since branched to over five thousand locations including Los Angeles. It holds special classes for celebrities including one on ones with special rabbis. It also holds special services and prayers. One of the central points that the Kabbalah centre tries to impart on its members is that the purpose of life is to help others with whatever means you can. For some people that can be a life of activism, and for others it can be a life of humanitarian. Many celebrities have used the Kabbalah centre as a springboard for a full conversion into Judaism including the late Elizabeth Taylor and more information click here.

Despite the growing attention and rapid growth by the Kabbalah Centre, things haven’t always been so smooth. Many celebrities have treated Kabbalah as the latest hip flavor of the month to be adopted and thrown away. Some celebrities, like Britney Spears, have since transitioned to Hinduism or Buddhism in their search for some truth. It has also been attacked from the more orthodox sections of Judaism declining to endorse their mass teaching style open to the public. Undeterred by these stumbles the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and Kabbalah Centre across the world continue to grow and teach people the hidden mysticism contained in Judaism and Kabbalah of Website.

The Kabbalah Centre Offers Access to Ancient Wisdom

Wisdom is a concept that is both ancient and modern at the same time. People today know that it is imperative to find wisdom no matter what they do. They also know that it is possible to turn to ancient sources of wisdom in order to help them understand the modern world better. They can find the sort of wisdom they are looking for in many places. One such place is that of the Kabbalah Centre. The Kabbalah Centre is a place where people look for wisdom that they can use in every possible way. They understand that ancient wisdom isn’t just something that can be seen as part of the ancient world. They know that it is possible to see the world that the ancients they saw and learn from it directly how to become wiser and happier even today.

Modern Lessons In An Ancient World

Lessons for today are everywhere that people look. One place that people look is via the world of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is ancient text that talks about the world that is both in front of people and at the same time cannot be seen. They can look for this kind of ancient wisdom in the texts that they read here with the help of people who have devoted their lives to this field in order to help others learn.

Hidden Keys

The hidden keys of kabbalah are just waiting for people to find with the help of guides. Keys here can help people unlock important secrets that might otherwise remain hidden to them unless they know where to look in their lives. They can turn to this centre in order to have the advice they need to be able to have a greater sense of wisdom in their lives and feel more confident about everything they do. This kind of wisdom is right there at the religion centre from ezperts who have been lovingly revealing such texts to all those who chose study with them. When people love the study here, the learn to love all aspects of their lives at every turn.

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Choosing Kabbalah Bracelets

Kabbalah jewelry has become common in the modern times. People from all walks of life are always trying to invest one at least one jewelry that is connected to this science. If you are planning to buy a sacred Kabbalah bracelet, it is crucial to do some research so that you can choose a bracelet that will suit all your needs. Kabbalah Centre jewelry is very expensive, and it important to explore your options so that you end up with the best.

Kabbalah bracelets come in different designs. For instance, some of the bracelets might have a small string, and it might be sold for just twenty dollars. A large group of people will quickly settle for the red woven design, but there is a group that is stepping up the market and choosing the extravagant jewelry pieces from the Kabbalah teachings.

The Kabbalah Prosperity Bracelet is one of the most common jewelry in the modern times. This is a stunning silver bracelet that is engraved with an Achlama purple stone and at the same time blessed in the traditional Hebrew prayers. The bracelet protects the wearer from any evil eye, and it also offers spiritual guidance to the individual wearing it. Persons who wear the Kabbalah Prosperity Bracelet say that they were blessed with a lot of prosperity, physical well-being and power.

The prosperity bracelet is mostly loved by celebrities in the world who like something that is visually beautiful. However, the bracelet is not affordable to the middle-class individuals who do not have the dollars to spend. The teachings of the religion region do not force people to spend this much unless you are looking for the extra appeal. Individuals who cannot afford the silver bracelet can go for a cheaper option with the same powers.

The Kabbalah Center is a non-profit making institution that focuses on spreading the Kabbalah teachings. The center was started many years ago by individuals who wanted to make sure that the essential amazing teachings are passed from one generation to the other. The information from this institution is spread through books, special courses and other centers in the world.