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Andrew Rolfe And His Work With The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund is a beautiful charity that will help kids across South Africa get a better education. Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the board of directors, and he has a hand in how these children are given their educational opportunities. There are quite a few kids who will see their lives change, and this article explains how Andrew gives back to his community. He is ensuring that disadvantaged children have a better education, and he will take many steps to find the money that is needed.


#1: How Do They Raise Money?


The Ubuntu Fund does not raise money from donors who dictate how their money will be used. They want to receive only open donations that may be used for any purpose. Andrew Rolfe has taken many pains to ensure that he finds new people to donate who are freely giving, and the Ubuntu Fund will ensure the money has been given to children who need it most.


#2: Who Benefits?


Children are put in educational programs in and out of their homes that will learn about the world around them, and Andre wRolfe has initiated many programs that he believes are important for these children. He wants to see them go on to lead their own communities, and he will help them find their way to college or a career with the education that they are given. There are quite a few kids who come out of Ubuntu Fund programs to successful lives, and they invest in their communities in Africa.


#3: Constant Investment


Andrew Rolfe believes in constant investment in small communities. He wants to see the Ubuntu Fund do more for the kids of Africa, and Rolfe will continue to raise money for the smallest communities where schools and traditional education are not possible.


The Ubuntu Fund is one of the most-important charities in all of Africa, and it gives kids the education they deserve every day. They are put into programs where they may learn quite a lot, and they are trained to think for themselves as that will help them change their lives.