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San Andreas Further Cements Dwayne Johnson as a Superstar

Dwayne Johnson has come a long way from his days as “The Rock” on WWE TV. He was a superstar then and now he is an even bigger superstar. His newest film, San Andreas, is hardly winning critical accolades. (Rotten Tomatoes notes the reviews are mostly negative) Audiences do love the film though and the first weekend brought in $53+ million. That is much bigger than the debuts of all the other top releases over the past two weekends.

The plot of the film somewhat borrows from the disaster movies of the 1970’s. Johnson plays a father who has to save his family when a huge earthquake hits California. Can he get to where he has to go and overcome a ton of thrilling obstacles on the way? You are going to have to watch the film – in a crowded theater – to find out.

Johnson has another mega-hit in theaters right now. Furious 7 is still pulling in big money and has surpassed the $1.5 billion mark. Johnson is coming back for Furious 8, is slated to appear as Black Adam in D.C. Comics’ Shazam movie, and might even see his Furious character get his own spinoff. Yes, Johnson is definitely a very busy actor. His amazing screen presence and charisma really helps him rise to the level of a superstar. Ironically, his career started almost by accident when he was picked to play a cameo in one of the Mummy sequels.

James Dondero recently said on Facebook that he never would have thought when Dwayne was wrestling he’d end up as big a movie star as he did?