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The Secret Behind Learning to Speak Dothraki

If you have to ask what Dothraki is, then you have never seen Game of Thrones. This epic sci-fi fantasy adventure series adapted from the “Songs of Fire and Ice” book series from the brilliant mind of George R. R. Martin is one of HBO’s flagships and they are riding it all the way to the top. A bit of backstory: The adventure follows several kingdoms in a mythical world, their ruling families and the inevitable power struggle that goes along with it.

The Mother of Dragons was introduced to us by the charming Emilia Clarke. Her character begins as the quintessential exiled princess Daenerys Targaryen, who is married to Dothraki leader arranged by her evil brother in an effort to gain power. She turns the tides though, and with her command of the Dothraki language rises to a major force. But how does she speak a mythical language so fluently, leading us into the fantasy world and believing it is real? Emilia Clarke has a little trick, she learns her lines by beatboxing.

The complex process of learning her Dothraki lines includes listening to them first, then finding a rhythm which she does by clapping her hands, turning the lines into a song so her brain can comprehend the words and remember them. Despite the translation of the mysterious language into words the commoner can understand, Clarke needs to learn them in such a fashion that she can deliver these foreign phrases in a believable fashion which is why she beatboxes.