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Writer for DC Universe says Next Two Films Are Really Fun

Writer for Justice League and Aquaman Say The Two are Fun Movies


The DC Extended Universe had two major hits in 2016, with Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Both films laid down the groundwork for future movies in the franchise.


The only downside to having the two big releases was that neither of them were incredibly well received, in fact it could be said that they each had a lackluster critical reception. That being said, 2017 is a new year and Wonder Woman will be debuting into theaters in just a few months, with everyone coming together finally in Justice League later on in November. From there, Aquaman will hit theaters in 2018.


On its own, Wonder Woman already has tons of fans excited due to her screentime in Batman V. Superman, and with actress Gal Gadot as the leading in that film. At the same time, Justice League and Aquaman, who is being played by Jason Momoa, is leaving fans wanting and expecting a lot in the future, though there is some worry about the former because of director Zack Snyder’s previous work in the DCEU.


Will Beale, the screenwriter for both Justice League and Aquaman, is not so worried about either film, in fact he’s incredibly confident fans will enjoy both movies. While attending a tour for the Television Critics Association, Beale stated that both movies are going to be really fun. He added that James Wan, the director of Aquaman, has a very clear idea of what tone the movie is going to have and that it would blow everyone’s minds on both a storytelling and visual scale.


He is well aware of the criticism DCEU movies received for being dark and gritty, as opposed to all the lighter Marvel Cinematic Universe films.