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Darth Vader Banished to Virtual Reality

The Star Wars movie universe kicked off incredibly well with The Force Awakens. It is already the top grossing movie of all time and was able to bring the luster of the franchise back following the disappointing prequel trilogy.

The follow-up films are a big question mark. Rogue One raised a lot of eyebrows when it was learned that there have four weeks of reshoots were ordered in May. Rumor has it that Disney is gravely concerned about the film. Apparently, Rogue One is too dark and has too much of a “war movie” feel.

Now there is news that there will be a Darth Vader film written by David S. Goyer, author of Batman Begins. The catch? It’s going to be in virtual reality.

Viewers will be able to interact with the characters in the movie and, so it is said, even be able to touch them.

Here is the thing about this project. Have you seen any virtual reality projects out there right now? The quality is poor at best. Right now, most virtual reality games and programs have a single environment such as a tavern, and the characters do not move their limbs or mouths.

How can Disney possibly make a movie starring Darth Vader using technology that is clearly in its infancy? How can this possibly work?

Disney decided to make a military movie of Star Wars and the Darth Vader movie is shuffled off to be a pseudo-video game. That seems like an incredibly backwards situation. Almost every Star Wars movie is really a Darth Vader movie. He is a pivotal character that deserves better.

Darth Vader virtual reality movie in the making

David S. Goyer, a writer who worked on both Batman Begins and Man of Steel, announced at a recent Star Wars panel that Industrial Light & Magic has begun developing a virtual reality movie based on Darth Vader. This original narrative story, Goyer proclaimed, is designed to help the viewers become fully immersed in the action.

Goyer’s work with xLab on the Darth Vader VR experience is a bit of a departure from the work that he became familiar with while being part of the team behind Nolan’s Batman trilogy. This movie is meant to be a completely original addition to the Star Wars lore, though at the same time, it’s still being developed by the same creative team behind the series’ most recent live-action titles.

Though the story is meant to be an original production, creative executive Pablo Hidalgo has stated that the story is congruent enough with the events of the original films to be considered completely canon.

While the early stages of VR development have been primarily focused on promotional tie-ins or gaming, the xLab team has stated that this project is meant to be a no-holds-barred dive into the medium with a depth that they believe has yet to have been achieved by any other experience in the industry. While the team has taken some tentative steps towards their vision of an all-immersive VR experience in the past, this will undoubtedly be their most ambitious venture to date.