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Suicide Squad Pumps D.C. Comics’ Sales

Suicide Squad has been a total critical dud. No one denies this. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice also garnered some truly awful reviews. Both films earned big money at the box office, but have not been able to reach Marvel’s box office success levels. The old-fashioned D.C. Comics, however, are reaping huge rewards.

Suicide Squad is in theaters right now and Batman v. Superman has hit DVD and Blu-ray. A lot of hype and marketing buzz surrounds both of these films. Marketing noise is needed here to sell tickets and move units. If there isn’t a decent marketing campaign, no one is going to really care about the movies. With a great – or just a loud – marketing campaign, a host of other fiscal benefits are going to be achieved. Toys, merchandise, and, yes, comic books are going to get caught up in the hype.

Reeling from poor sales, D.C. Comics knew it needed to change things up. The D.C. Rebirth was put into motion. Rebirth was another reboot concept. The key here is D.C. wants to connect the comics line with the new Warner Bros./D.C Extended Universe films. The reboot strategy combined with Suicide Squads success has led to a massive spike in D.C. Comic sales. Several books are selling well over 100,000 copies. Not every book in the D.C. line has seen a boost, but the ones that did are generating several extra millions of dollars in July. Likely, this will last until August or September and then cool off a bit. Once Wonder Woman comes out, the process should repeat.

Comic book sales may not be anywhere close to what they once were in their glory days, but the figures are looking up. The movie studios deserve thanks to this.