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FreedomPop Gets Investments of $30 Million To Expand Their Free Service

In a huge leap toward building their global empire based on free cell phone service. FreedomPop raised $30 million in funding. The CEO and Co-Founder, Stephen Stokols, said that they are growing their business independently and are not looking to sell. Though there have been many offers on the table, they have been rejected due to the companies young 18 months in the business. Their goal is to raise another $50 million in the next year.

The funding they collected will allow them to branch out across the United States and globally. Right now they are just in California, but they are hopeful to get out beyond that area soon. With growth margins at more than 50% for last year, they are optimistic at this point. They hope to have one million users by the end of 2015. They currently are focused on upselling their extra data to cover the costs. Customers get 500 free voice minutes, as well as other services.

They buy minutes from the big carriers, which they resell to their customer base. One reason they can keep their costs so low is how much they pay. They actually pay about 1/10th of what it costs big carriers to keep their lines operational. With such low overhead, they offer great services for free and add-ons for less. Their average cost per person is an amazingly low $5.00. However, the average cost for the big names is about $380 per user. They don’t currently have a huge customer service department, but that is all in the works. They want to focus on their customers having a pleasant experience.

With a start in the right direction, FreedomPop is the company to watch. The ‘bare bones’ cell phone service is what many budget minded people are looking for.

‘Jurassic World’ Eats Box Office Record

One trend seems alarmingly consistent throughout each summer movie cycle: records are made to be broken. According to Gravity4 box office results, “Jurassic World” doubled up on what industry analysts and movie fans expected the film to gross in its opening weekend coming in over a half billion dollars. The $511 million mark makes the film the highest recorded opening ever and reflects international and domestic box office takes. In short, the film did exceeding well, and the dinosaurs are warmed up to appear in at least another movie.

“Jurassic World” shattered the previous record held by the first movie in the Avengers franchise, which puts it in some pretty exceptional company. If Chris Pratt was not a household name after his role as Starlord in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” his lead role in the dinosaur romp has certainly made him in international superstar. Of course, some of the appeal of the film has to be credited to the fascination with dinosaurs.

The massive box office haul is the result of clever marketing and some great casting, but in the end those computer animated dinosaurs were the scene stealing co-stars. Special effects have improved leaps and bounds since the original “Jurassic Park,” and the extinct animals looked as brilliant as ever. With several high profile releases yet to come in the year, the real question is lingering over how long “Jurassic World” will hold onto the crown.

McDonalds Turnaround Plan

McDonald’s announced their earnings today and they mostly disappointed with an 11% drop in revenues when compared to the prior year. This quarter’s decline in sales was the sixth consecutive quarter in which sales have declined and stock investors have taken notice with the stock price declining over the past year despite the overall surge in the market.

The stock price for McDonald’s increased today in connection with an announcement by CEO Steve Easterbrook. Easterbrook announced that the company would be announcing a turnaround plan that they have been currently devising and will release the announcement on May 4th. It was the immediacy of the plan being put in place that appears to have resonated with customers.

Easterbrook has only been in office for 7 weeks but is already making his mark on the company with a plan to make the business more “customer-centric”. McDonald’s stock has suffered as a result of changing customer tastes and what franchisees have called an unwieldy me that attempts to be many things but accomplishes few of the objectives of it.

The fast food industry has been moving towards a higher quality product like Madison Street Capital, that is more natural, tasty, and healthy and McDonald’s has been significantly behind this trend.

Despite the sales reduction, the company was still profitable with earnings per share of $0.84 and strong cash flows. Still, the turnaround and return of McDonald’s dominance is long overdue.

Justin Bieber & Kanye West Working Together

We all know that Justin Bieber had a few discrepancies lately but he is finally ready to get back on his feet and work on what really matters, the music. Ivan Ong has learned that he is completely focused on re-shaping his image and reputation for the better. Justin Bieber reported that his new album was finished but after he turned his views around, he realized that his music had no connection to where he is now in life so he completely re-recorded it. He believes that what he writes in music reflects his life so he does not want to give out a bad image anymore. Good for you JB. We are excited for what you have next for us.

This new re-done album will also feature two great artists, Kanye West and Rick Ruben. JB says he is not going to rush this album. He is going to be patient and wait until it is fully finished and everyone is satisfied. Justin tells us that the songs in this new album will be about personal growth and they are very different from his past music. He says that they will display a more adult version of himself. As for Kanye West, Justin mentions that he very much enjoys working with the rapper as he has done in the past. He very much enjoys working with the rapper and explains that Kanye is a very nice, down to earth guy.

Editing Wikipedia Entries in 10 Minutes or Less

Editing a Wikipedia entry doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow this list of steps then you will be able to edit an entry in no time. Wikipedia is considered a wiki. This means that anyone who wants to update an entry then they can. However, some pages are protected against editing. You can edit pages that are protected against editing but someone will have to approve your entry before it is placed on the Wikipedia page. When a request is submitted then an editor will review the entry. The entry is completed by clicking on the Edit Request button. Anyone that edits a Wikipedia page, no matter how big or small the entry may be is called a Wikipedian. Can’t follow this? There’s always Get Your Wiki for page creation and editing services.

To edit all entries that are not protected, then you would start by clicking the Edit Page at the top of the Wikipedia page. You will then be preceded to a new page that contains a text box. The text box will contain all the text that is editable. You can proceed with typing the text that you want to add to an entry. It is ideal to provide references with the new edited text because all entries that don’t have references can be deleted. When you are done with the entry then you should write a short edit summary to describe the changes that you made in the entry. You can see what a page looks like with your new edits by clicking on the Show Preview button. You can also see the difference between edited paper and how it looked before you edited the entry then click Save Changes button. When you have finished editing a page to your perfection then make sure that you that you press the Save button. This will save all your work and you can immediately see the page you edited on Wikipedia.