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Live-Action Cowboy Bebop TV Show In The Works

With the recent live-action Hollywood remake of the anime Ghost in the Shell, which stars the famous Scarlett Johansson as leading protagonist Motoko, we may be in for a trend of live-action anime remakes.


The most recently announced live-action remake is that of the classic anime series Cowboy Bebop, a space Western that follows the adventures of a zany crew of bounty hunters aboard a spaceship called the Bebop. Cowboy Bebop originally aired a total of 26 episodes from 1998-1999 on TV Tokyo and WOWOW in Japan. The show then made its’ debut in America on Adult Swim, and was one of the first anime series to be aired on the channel.


Tomorrow Studios, in conjunction with production company Midnight Studio and Sunrise (the series’ original producers), are set to create the adaptation. There has been no news of casting or production as of yet, so it is up to fans to debate who they think would be best for the roles of characters like Spike Spiegel or Faye Valentine.


One of the things that was striking about the anime was the jazz inspired soundtrack that accompanied it. Composed by Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts, an international band formed by Kanno for the sole purpose of creating albums for the series, their music was an integral part of the show. There is no word, however, as to whether or not Kanno will be providing music for the live-action adaptation of the show.


While many are critics of the live-action anime genre, comparison of Cowboy Bebop to non-animated TV shows like Firefly gives fans hope. Only time will tell whether or not the new show will be a flop, or if it will reignite peoples’ interest in live-action remakes as a whole.