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Lime Crime’s Red Velvet Attracts New Fan

The fact is that Lime Crime’s Red Velvet has attracted a very high profile new fan. This new fan is an actress that is on a very popular television show. The name of the show is Riverdale. The name of the actress is Madelaine Petsch. The young actress plays Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale. She is a wealthy teen with an attitude and rich enough to get anything that she desires. Would you believe her main lipstick desire is Lime Crime’s Red Velvet? This is a very affordable lipstick that is bold and very inspiring to a new generation of boys and girls.

The Matte Velvetines Collection

Red Velvet is a part of the original Velvetines collection. The matte lipsticks were inspired by something that we take for granted daily. Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime and let the natural beauty of the rose inspire her to create the Velvetines Collection. Other popular colors include red rose, suedeberry, fetish, beet it, wicked, pumpkin, cupid, blood-moon, scandal, rustic, true love, and many more. Many decide on a favorite color and wear it constantly, while other Lime Crime fans prefer to wear a different color each day.

Looking For Style?

If you are looking to change your style or merely to define your own unique style, Lime Crime produces a fine line of cosmetics that will grant your wish. Style is a way of distinguishing you from the herd. It is a way to take something and make it your own. For example, some could wear a Velvety red lipstick like Red Velvet and mix it with bold colors on their eyes and cheeks. Another individual might take the same color and mix it with neutral colors in beige, brown, or white. Makeup is a way to show your creativity and create a style that is truly your own.

About Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a makeup line that was created by Doe Deere. The LimeCrime Red Velvet Velvetine Liquid Lipstick is only one of the colors offered by the revolutionary makeup company. Their makeup collection is designed to inspire the artist in you.