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Sweet Baby Jesus! Beer Pulled After Complaints

Not even the smooth taste of chocolate and peanut butter was able to keep Sweet Baby Jesus! beer from being pulled off store shelves. After numerous complaints from shoppers, Boraie Development LLC said the Ohio-based Heinen’s grocery store chain promptly removed the porter.

Baltimore-based Du Claw Brewing Company begin distrubiting the beer after an amateur brewmaster won a home-brewing contest back in 2011 (Apparently, the taste of the beer was so good that the brewer exclaimed “Sweet Baby Jesus, this tastes like peanut butter and chocolate” hint, hint). Heinen representatives are treating it as a “no comment” issue.

Although shoppers were apparently offended by the religious tie-end, Du Claw’s president says the name was meant to be more of astonishment. Apparently, Heinen’s more conservative shoppers failed to recognize the attempt to evoke emotion. It is unclear whether or not the beer will be peddled to other grocery store chains. To avoid future controversy, a name change might be in order.