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Kisling Nestico & Redick at the Heart of Ohio Bike Riding Children

Personal injury is among the many dangers that face individuals as they go about their daily duties. Some injuries happen by accident while others occur due to negligence. In Ohio, United States of America, many people face personal injuries that end up in courts for determination. Some of them include wrongful medication and deaths, auto accidents, and industrial injuries to name but a few.

However, some injuries never go reported because they come through personal incidents and blunders. Injuring yourself with a sharp object isn’t something worth reporting to the police. Kisling, Nestico & Redick represents clients in courts seeking compensation. The most personal inflicted injuries in Ohio come through bike accidents. They are self-inflicted in the sense that many riders ignore the usage of recommended riding gears.

Riding a bike without a helmet might cause fatal injuries and deaths in case of an accident. Besides, wearing the right riding clothes with the padded elbow and knee parts plays a vital role in avoiding personal injuries. Kisling, Nestico & Redick handles many cases of personal injuries affiliated with bike accidents. In that connection, the law firm  decided to donate riding helmets to children through the Bike Helmet Giveaway campaign. The KNR Cares initiative facilitated the process that targeted the children because they are more vulnerable.

During the session, over 500 children benefited with the helmets that would help them when riding to and from schools. The company contacted the beneficiaries through the social media platforms and Safe Routes to School Program run by Toledo’s YMCS. Besides, others received the helmets during the summer camp organized by the children’s YMCA of Youngstown. The social media group received 25, the YMCS 300, and YMCA 200 helmets.

Kisling Nestico & Redick started operating in Ohio in 2005 after three attorneys joined hands to work together. The firm has since grown to a reputable law firm with over 30 lawyers working hard with other more than 100 employees to serve Ohio residents. KNR has helped many clients get compensation for personal injuries through the out of the court settlements and verdicts from the judges. Besides, the firm gives back to the community in many ways like the one discussed earlier, among others.

Personal injury law firm Kisling Nestico & Redick

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a law firm based out of Ohio that works for clients involved in auto accidents and personal injury. They are known for their catchy slogan, “Hurt in car…call KNR,” with a staff of about 100 members and 30 attorneys across 11 locations in the state. Since their founding in 2005, they have been able to win many cases for clients with over $450 million in settlements, according to an article from Newsweek.

One of the partners that it is named after in Rob Nestico personally started the company off of an experience at a young age as he was involved in a deadly car crash that left him with some serious injuries to the head, knees, and arms. This was all caused because a man chose to go through a stop sign, that had caused the whole incident. Nestico was recovering at the hospital, and during that time, Nestico had noticed that his parents were getting cheated by an insurance company, due to the fact that his parents were Italian immigrants and did not understand English well. The insurance company had used this to their advantage to cheat the family out of compensation. After this experience, Nestico had made it a priority to create his own law firm to help others not get cheated like him.

Kisling Nestico & Redick law firm is able to produce winning results because many of their staff and attorneys have experience working for insurance companies, so they can predict what they are trying to do. They use this knowledge for their benefit to fight for their clients and earn them the most compensation that they can get.

Nestico along with the other lawyers in Kisling and Redick have won awards for their work by Super Lawyers, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and others. The law firm looks to change the world and give back to the community as they sponsor giveaways on social media, hold food drives, and donate money to charities.

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Bob Reina: You Can Trust Him

There are not many men in the world like Bob Reina that are trust-worthy, honest, and loyal. They are very hard to find as a matter of fact. They are once in a blue moon as they say. However, Bob Reina can be trusted because when he speaks, he goes out and he does it. When Talk Fusion first started in 2007, the mission of the company was clear: they wanted to change lives. It was a strong mission and it was heavy wording, but that is the Bob Reina way. He believes in making changes and he believes in the product of Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion is the award-winning company that is known as the absolute best in talk, data, and voice. Quite frankly, there is not even a close second. They have afforded others the chance to work from home and they can start up their own business. They like to be in control of their life and they like to feel like they are the ones calling the shots. They don’t have to listen to someone else tell them what they should be doing or how they should run a company. That is all up to them. It is a wonderful feeling to have that kind of control and that kind of freedom.


They are going to use it wisely. As the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has always used it wisely. He has never shied away from a challenge. He knew starting up a company was going to be a hard task. However, he has always risen to the challenge and taken it head on as a former police officer. He was put in dicey situations and he was put in situations that were very, very scary. However, he had to keep a steady hand and he had to stay focused on what was in front of him.


He does not blink in the face of adversity and he has always showed a lot of grit and a lot of determination. That is why Bob Reina is someone that can be trusted. He is like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers in the 4th quarter.